The Best Multifunction Printers up to 100 Euro in the Test

Their new multifunction printer should cost no more than 100 euros and should be cheap to maintain. Here are the best station wagons from the tests.

Multifunction printers up to 100 euro are especially popular when it comes to printing, scanning and copying at home. The tested devices move in the price range 60 to 100 euro RRP (recommended retail price of the manufacturer). The multifunction devices are most clearly in street prices. They are so inexpensive to purchase, they’re finding as entrainment products in the markets of electronics and sometimes even at the discount store. But what use are these multifunction devices?

Crux at entry level packages: consequential costs for ink and electricity

Canon PIXMA MX495 color inkjet Multifunction (Copier, printer, fax, scanner, WiFi, Amazon Watch

The tested multi function printers use both individual ink tanks for every ink as also combination cartridges, which are housed the colors in separate chambers, but in a cartridge. Combination cartridges have the disadvantage that you need to replace the entire cartridge, when only one color was printed empty. At the same time you get even with XL cartridges not cheap: so you must expect at quasi low page prices well 4 cents for the black and white and about 6 cents for the colored side. Just when the color sheet values by 10 cents already alone calculated are not uncommon.

But not all gold that glitters is also separate ink cartridges. Because basically the cartridges are quite small and therefore with low capacity at entry level multi function devices. Who prints something more or copied, changes quickly ink tank ink tank. The low ranges typically inflating page prices. Still quite well off, they are in the HP Photosmart 5520 with 3.5 cents for black and white and 6.8 cents for the colored side.

If you now think that little pressure input and copies in the month a convenient multifunction printer still could be worth must know something. The devices in sleep mode – are not completely disconnected from the power supply, rinse the nozzles at certain intervals. You consume so ink and that without actionable results on paper.

Begin HP Instant Ink ink program offers a solution. Here you select a monthly fare based on printed pages, and get cheaper as in the charging the ink. Print photos and much in color, the program pays for itself, because the monthly tariff contains only pages in General. He does not distinguish black and white and color page. The ink supply model includes nearly all of the manufacturer’s device series. Out of the top 10 are the models HP envy 4520, HP DeskJet 3720 and DeskJet 3630. For the models of HP Photosmart 5520 or HP DeskJet 2540 the program, however, does not apply.

A word about power consumption: Basically, the affordable multifunction devices require relatively little power. However, manufacturers in the boarding area save yourself a clean circuit-breaker often. As a result, The combined printer also then pull power when you have pressed the off switch. In the test that applies to the HP Office Jet 2620 and DeskJet 3720 models. The multi function printers go off only 0.2 Watts, not 0 Watt – which is a shame. Remedy only to pull the plug if you don’t need the combined printer safely. The models show that there is another way even at very affordable equipment, HP Photosmart, Canon PIXMA MX475, MX495 5520, Canon PIXMA 4250, Canon PIXMA MG2950, Canon PIXMA MG3650, HP DeskJet 2540, HD envy 4520 and HP DeskJet 3630 that turned off completely disconnect from the power supply.

Facilities at cheap multifunction printers

It would be a fallacy to believe multifunction printer always bring little facilities up to 100 euro. Even on devices with fax function, you must here don’t miss out, similar to the Canon PIXMA MX475, 2620 show MX495 and HP OfficeJet . The multifunction devices can also score with an automatic document feeder and font display.

Who wants to print wirelessly, is integrated with most multi function devices Wi-FI. Only the HP Office Jet 2620 here makes an exception and is therefore already almost old-fashioned without Wi-FI. At the same time, all manufacturers offer apps to print and partly also to the scanning. Who wants to print from the device without having to install an app, choose either the service of the manufacturer such as HP ePrint or Epson connect or the built-in services like Apple Airprint and Google cloud print. However, not all devices control automatically all standards. So the Canon PIXMA MG2950 around with Apple Airprint cannot do anything.

Card slots for direct printing without a PC offer the multifunction printer HP Photosmart 5520 and Canon PIXMA MG4250. However, beware the card formats. For example, compact is not supported in most cases Flash (CF) devices. With SD cards, the devices have usually no problems, as long as the capacity of the card are not too high.

Conclusion: not a cheaper Multi function printer without compromise

For entry-level multi-function printers you face especially in speed and quality with some deficits. So although the cheap multifunction printer scan units are suitable for everyday tasks, they usually quickly lose on depth of field. This is noticeable especially when photo scans. Exception: Multifunction Canon PIXMA MX475 or the HP Photosmart 5520. Their Scaneinheiten deliver amazingly sharp scan results in the test. Moderately that cut off however Canon PIXMA MG2950. The scans come only on a medium sharpness. At the same time, the scan unit of the Canon model not clean reads to the bottom. Copy A4 templates, it may happen that content is truncated.

The very latest HP DeskJet 3720 dispensed on a glass surface in A4 format. He instead runs through the template via a catchment directly under the scanline. So he comes on very narrow dimensions, is not as easy to use as the test shows.