Test: The Best Multifunction Devices Print, Scan, Copy, Fax

Current combination units can not only print, scan, copy, and possibly fax. Just the best multifunctional devices offer clever features, as evidenced by the test.

An ink multifunction for home or the home workplace must be flexible. The combined printer to do the expression of Internet pages as well as the scan for the homework or the copy of the tax return. And all in color, of course. But with the basic functions of printing, scanning, and copying the models not more so seriously differ. Increasingly, multi function equipment manufacturers focus on additional capabilities.

Printing from the mobile device via cloud

HP PageWide 352dw inkjet printers (duplex, WIRELESS, network, ePrint, Airprint, cloud print, USB, at Amazon Watch

HP opts for printing via the cloud and equips the majority of combination printers with “HP ePrint”. With this function, the Multifunktioner driver from the mobile device, about Smartphone, NetBook or Tablet PC print. To make that happen, the multifunction device via Wi-FI is connected to the Internet and has its own email address, to which the print job is sent. However, this is not right there, but in the cloud. There he is cast to printable.In the test, this works well with all HP candidates. Besides HP, even Epson focuses on going through the cloud with the Epson Connect service.

Canon uses the concept of the “cloud”link. Here an icon on the display – is called mostly “cloud” on the multifunction printer, over which the device can be combined ‘Canon Cloud Printing’ directly with the service. Behind an access to services such as dropbox, Google drive or EverNote, but also one drive or Facebook. The user must log on to his or her account and then has access to documents and images, it spends directly on the Multfunktionsdrucker–about the Canon PIXMA MG6851. Maxify models MB2750 and MB5150, the manufacturer goes a step further and allows direct access to the travel expenses accounting tool concur. A sign how much this multi function printer on Office applications are designed.

Some models such as the Epson workforce WF-3620DWF, HP Office Jet Pro 8620, HP OfficeJet Pro 6830, HP Office Jet Pro 8720, HP Pagewide 377dw, brother MFC J870DW, Canon PIXMA MG5650 and MG6851 and Maxify MB2750 and MB5150 can still more: so they can be via Wi-Fi direct without a router with the mobile device. Also can scan send to E-Mail addresses – a practical function, which in turn properly in the test.

That the printing of the mobile device in the Office taking hold, all printer manufacturers want. Explicit device series for the Office offer HP Office Jet Pro and Epson with the workforce-cameras, that there are quite a few years. Canon is later drawn with the Maxify series. She brings ink in the Office and at the same time relies on direct access to cloud services. In the test of the Maxify MB2350, as well as the second generation, such as the MB2750 and the MB5150, that works very well. Currently, the Office Printer series complements HP Pagewide family, which includes a page-wide print head as a feature.He gives a new boost to devices in the tempo. This shows also the first device of the series test – HP Pagewide 377dw.

At the same time the printer manufacturers are increasingly NFC (Near Field Communication). Here you keep the NFC enabled smartphone or tablet on the day the printer housing and already the devices you want to recognize. In the test the communication path still not running smoothly as with the Brother MFC-J870DW or the HP OfficeJet Pro 8620. Wi-Fi direct is much mature. And ultimately also NFC on the direct Funktverbindung accesses, because only the first handshake goes over NFC, the data transfer in itself but via Wi-FI. Current multifunction printer OF NFC in testing: HP Pagewide 377dw – again an inkjet device that is intended for the professional environment.

Equipment makes all the difference

Placement in the top 10 of inks multi function devices thanks to the multifunction devices in addition to a round performance in the printing, scanning and copying not least features like duplexing unit, fax function, as well as in the case of models of HP Office Jet Pro 8620, 8720 OfficeJet Pro, HP Pagewide 377dw, Epson workforce WF-3620DWF, Canon PIXMA MX725 as well as Maxify MB5150 duplex scan or double-sided copy. The brother model DCP-J4120DW can leaves even over the sheet up to the format A3 print on DIN – turn an extra that can be decisive for the choice of the device in case of one or the other.

To get the multifunction printer more compact, the manufacturer compromises but also, you should know before buying. So the PIXMA MG6851 Canon is shrinking the paper tray 100 sheet and dispenses with a cover. Similarly, 4650 proceeds HP Office Jet. In spite of the “Office” in the product name suited this model not for Office use, but turns out the test as opportunity printer for home. That’s not enough for a finish in the top 10.

Important: costs for ink and electricity

The page prices are a focal point for multifunction devices. With devices for the Office, large ink tanks and thus lowest possible page prices are mandatory. The HP OfficeJet 276dw meet the. Here we calculate between 1.3 cents for black and white sheet and 5.0 cents for the color page – it’s cheap and a strong competitor to color laser printing technology. The manufacturer’s undercutting the resulting costs with the Office Jet Pro 8620 even further: here we calculate 1.2 cents for the black and white and 4.2 cents for the colored sheet. Underlying each cartridges with high reach. For this top result not comes the successor HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 though, is respectively 5.7 cents but 1.6 alike in the affordable range.

Canon PIXMA MX725 and MX925 models about makes a further push in terms of page prices. In the multifunction devices a XXL black cartridge can be insert, which pushes the prices for the black and white page to 2.5 cents. This is somewhat more expensive than at HP, but a low-cost solution. And also the Maxify models from Canon put on affordable costs. So we arrive at the MB2350 to 2.0 cents for the black and white and 4.9 cents for the colored sheet. The successor pushes the text page on 1.4 cents and is the color sheet with 5.7 cents easily than its predecessor. The MB5150 mainly in black and white pages is even cheaper. He uses another ink series, with the calculated 1.0 cents for the black and white and 4.8 cents for the colored sheet. The combo pack with four XL ink tanks is based on all models.

Epson has their very own way: the manufacturer says goodbye to the Ecotank series completely cartridges and replaced them with side tanks placed on the housing, which are refilled via vial. Page prices fall on unbeatable 0.3 cents for the black and white and 0.5 cents for the coloured sheet. However, the subsequent savings calls a relatively high investment in the acquisition as about 300 euros for the Ecotank ET-2550 show in the test.

Photo Gallery: The best multifunction devices with Wi-FI

In electricity consumption, the consumption values for multi function devices go back.This is commendable. But still not all devices have an off switch which separates the multifunction device completely from the mains. In turn, models of HP can serve here as an example: at the Office Jet Pro 276dw OfficeJet Pro 8620 displays, and OfficeJet Pro 8720 the measuring instrument operated switch in the test still 0.3 respectively 0.2 Watts – an unnecessary energy consumption. Also at the HP Pagewide 377dw, the manufacturer waives a clean separation. 0.4 Watts when switched off are the result. Here Canon scores with the models Maxify MB2350, MB2750, MB5150 and PIXMA MX725, MG5650 as well as MG6851 or Epson with the workforce of WF-3620DWF: you go after pressing the button actually on 0 Watt.

Conclusion: ink station wagons are versatile and still fit for Office

Who today looks a multifunction device that both at home and in the small office cuts a fine figure, must make some compromises. There is a good selection of suitable equipment, as shown in this comparison test. However, this powerful multifunction devices in the purchase are not so cheap. Typically you can expect around 200 euros (EIA), to get a Jack of all trades, which can withstand the everyday stress in the Office. With time this investment pays off but thanks to comparatively moderate consumption costs.

For multi function printers are recommended from 100 euro (RRP). You prove the test all-rounder, which cover many functions, but among the absolute top in any discipline. Still, they can meet exactly the requirements you create on your local Multfunktioner. For the comparability of the test we assume non-binding recommendations of the manufacturer. Street prices are often significantly. An example: For the currently tested Canon PIXMA MG6851, the manufacturer gives a recommendation from 139 euros. In the shop you will find the device loosely under 100 euros. Our link on the price comparison provides you with an overview of the price.

Current leader is the HP Pagewide 377dw : He reached with his large head, which corresponds to a page width, new pace highs – and that without savings in the performance also the facilities convinced with duplex printing and scanning-the lush interface selection, to neuter multi-purpose tray, 500-sheet paper cassette and units. However, there is also criticism of the Jack of all trades: because the page prices are too high despite large ink tanks and focus on the use of the Office. Here, HP could still improve after, because the technique in itself is promising.

Canon has sacrificed the multi function printer Pixma MG6851 for compactness some proven features such as a covered paper cassette or a second feeder. Also, the increased noise bothers some. Otherwise, the user gets balanced technology with current feature set for mobile printing standards and when it comes to cloud integration. The results in the printing, scanning and copying are convincing. The many cycles of the nozzles shall be borne by the ink consumption. Nevertheless remain calculated page prices in the face of the device class and the cartridge number in the frame. So it is not surprising that come the multifunction printer, the bottom line on a very good value for money. It is recommended for users who want to every day, but more than only a few pages or copy and can renounce a fax function. You have then the choice of a white or black housing.