So Much Cost the Current 3D Printer

Not only since CES 2015 is clear: 3D printers are hard to come by. How to give an overview of selected models for beginners and professionals.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015 , there was to admire numerous new 3D printer. Among other things, the first affordable 3D printers with UV laser technology were among the best in the industry. But also the somewhat more peculiar concepts – a printer, for example, the precise ornamentation of delicious pastries – reaped marvelous glances in Las Vegas.

Evolution of 3D printers

The 3D printers have already taken a long time before the CES. In the early 1980s, developed the world’s first Charles Hull 3D printer . Meanwhile conquer the three-dimensional printer not only industry and trade, but also the art and design industry and the desks of hobby tinkerers. The 3D printing technology is used in more and more areas of Activity – what is sometimes also controversial, especially when it comes to the economic consequences of this development goes.

3D printers and prices at a glance

The range of devices for 3D printing is now extremely wide-ranging and serves both beginners, as well as technically interested hobby-hobbyists and professional users. We provide an overview of already available and upcoming 3D-printers in our picture gallery.