Secure Printing from the USB Memory Stick

HP has equipped the Laserjet Pro 400 series color laser multifunctionals with the “Job Storage” option. The tip explains how to set up and use the function.

See “Job Retention” means HP, a variant of the secure printing. With this setting, print jobs can be on a USB stick save to later retrieve at the multifunction device. The stick can be about the HP Insert Color Laserjet Pro MFP M477fdn on the rear side. It must have a capacity of at least 16 GB and is formatted after insertion. Any content will be lost. 

The multifunction device is after formatting the USB flash drive ready for store jobs. However, this does not apply to the printer driver. After the installation, the function is not activated automatically. You have to do this in the “Device Settings” tab under “Printer Properties”. If you then open the “Print settings”, you will find, in addition to the usual tabs such as “Paper / Quality” or “Color”, another one called “Job storage”.

Different types of job retention: click the register at, you can see on the left side under “Job Storage Mode” different ways how to store a print job: It refers about “proof and hold” on the case , That you want to print a copy immediately, the rest only later on the device. They are stored on the stick until you get them from the control panel on the printer. A “Personal Job” is only stored until you have printed it. A “fast copy” will be printed immediately and will remain on the stick for further printouts. A “Saved Job” is stored on the storage media without immediate printing, and is only output when you call it on the HP Combi. Here the stick acts as an archive – for example, for forms that you need again and again. If you select “Off”, the job storage is deactivated.

security of the stored print jobs: HP emphasized that the stored on the stick print jobs are encrypted. At the same time, the stick performs a pairing with the multifunction device during the formatting process. This does not allow it to simply be peeled off and used on another device to output the print jobs. On the contrary: Another HP model would turn format according to the manufacturer the stick once.

Password protection: given the job-storage modes “Personal Job” and “Stored Job” can be additionally secured with a password. You can find the option under “Job private / secure”. If you select “Yes”, you are prompted to enter a four-digit PIN. If you call up the job at the combiner by touching the job icon in the control panel, you have access to the PIN after entering the PIN and can print the document.