Sato Printers




Brand facts: 

  • – SATO is currently working to introduce RFID in cooperation with leading Japanese and overseas companies, contributing to the development of auto-identification systems.
  • – SATO believes the creation of new and innovative ideas will enable SATO Group to better compete on the world stage.

Main Categories: 

Barcode Printing system and printers


Time and place: 1940, Japan

Early products: Management strategy development and business administration for the Group.

Types of Printers: Laser printers provide crisper, water-resistant printouts, but are more expensive, more printers.

Headquarter Location: 

Tokyo, Japan

New Arrivals: 

002_sato_printers_new arrivals 

Price Range: 

USD 257 – USD 2564


President and CEO:Kazuo Matsuyama

Director:Koichi Nishida

Worldwide Locations:

Thailand, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, etc.

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