Same Ink Cartridge – Different Range

Ink cartridges are different. How you determine the range of reach and partly excite, explains the tip.

They have an ink multifunction printer and use only original cartridges. Since you are using the machine in the office, the documents that you output to the printer are constantly repeated. Somehow, it seems to you as if an ink tank holds longer than the other, although all look identical.

Your feeling is not deceiving you. There are production-related deviations. You can understand this by weighing the cartridges into the printer before they are installed – for example, on a letter scale. First remove the packaging such as protective caps and films. Make a note of the weight including, if possible, decimal places. After a few cartridge changes, you will notice that the ink fillings differ in the range of a few grams. The more ink in the tank, the higher the range of the cartridge.

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For the cartridges of most manufacturers there is an indication in milliliters on the packaging. Exception: HP . The US company is limited to a range of A4 pages. If you want to check whether the specified ink content is exhausted, weigh the empty cartridge. If you compare the measurements before and after use, the difference should be the Milliliter value, which is on the packaging. For example, if the individual cartridge of the color Cyan of your Canon model has a weight of 28 grams and a filling capacity according to the manufacturer of 11 milliliters, it should weigh only 17 grams.

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However, the fact that the range increases automatically with a higher filling quantity, is not self-evident. After all, the printer determines how it handles the cartridge. A newly installed ink cartridges he recognizes over the chip at the cartridge and arranges them according to standard or XL variant. As a rule, a droplet counter now operates the preprogrammed ink content and stops the printer as soon as the stored range is reached. However, these counters do not work quite stringently, as we find in the printer tests. They rather give an estimate. Especially for models with a duct system, such as with multi-function devices from Brother can then give rise to differences in mileage. The result: If a cartridge is fuller, the printer gives more black-and-white and color pages than with the smaller filled counterpart.

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Multifunctional printers differ in cartridge replacement depending on the manufacturer and model. So there are printers that report though that the contents of the cartridge is running low, but thereafter undeterred print – such as the HP Officejet Pro 6850. In this case, you only see the expression and the lack of color, that the cartridge is really empty . Other ink-jet models can also be persecuted for further printing, even if the ink tank is supposedly empty. For example, many Canon models with single-pots, such as the Pixma MX925, demand the so-called “Support Code 1600” for cartridge replacement. The message “Ink is exhausted” appears in the driver. There you can only cancel the printing process. However, if the message appears on the display of the device, the printer simply continues to operate until the next warning. This behavior is a safety buffer, which the manufacturer deliberately installed. It is designed to protect the print head from damage.