Rulers and Protractors for Office

AIHAO Transparent Colored Ruler Set Plastic Printed Measuring Tools 4 Pieces DELI Stainless Steel Straight Ruler 30cm Long Silver Two Sides Etched Stationery

We cover a large selection of rulers and pass from brands like Arda, Maped, Linex, Pavo, Bantex, Staedtler, Relief and many more. With us you will find everything needed to pencils, pencil case, erasers, and the essential pass and rulers. On this page you will find classic rulers in 15, 30, 40, 45 and 50cm, as well as different grades, so that both are pencil case and the architect who need professional quality equipment.

On this page you will also find a huge selection of pass, so that you can easily find one that fits your wants and needs. In addition, we have also the geometry of triangles, protractors and for when tasks must be made or house math cartoons drawn. Here you will also find the set that contains a classical ruler, protractor and draw the triangle. Everything what is needed when your child should start school you will find on this site, easy and for the cheapest price also need you only order from a place – the easier it gets.