Remove Defective Printer Drivers – This Is How It Works

In the event that a printer driver makes tears while uninstalling and does not want to re-allocate the assigned port, you can solve the problem using Windows printing.

If something has gone wrong during the installation of a printer, for example, an obsolete or non-functioning driver has been installed, the software often stubbornly blocks the assigned printer port. Then a clean uninstallation is not possible, and it only helps the lengthy way about the system restoration.

Usually about but also faster. To do this, the pressure management of Windows on, by typing its name in the search box. In the left column, select “Print server” and then the name of your computer, which has been marked with “Windows” (local). Double-click on “Ports” to see the list of installed drivers. Click the non-working port with the right mouse button and select “Delete”.