Recycle Plastic Oceans Already Allows You to Generate 3D Printed Objects

One of the most important ecological problems today is the accumulation of plastic in the oceans. Waste that we throw into the sea voluntarily or involuntarily all make that seabed – and also our beaches – will be invaded by this type of objects, a problem that long trying to tackle in The Plastic Bank.

This NGO takes time to fight the problem, and it has now provided a possible solution: the all those plastic recycling to print objects in 3D. They have already demonstrated a first implementation of the initiative, called ‘Social Plastic’, and have created a small wrench in a printer 3D from plastic recycled in the ocean.

To achieve this they have created the strand used in printers, 3D from these recycled plastics, and demonstrated that progress just yesterday, when the world oceans day was celebrated. Shaun Frankson, co-founder of The Plastic Bank, stated that “completing this program is a major step forward in this mission to provide poor people the ability to change plastic waste by access to opportunities to improve their lives and 3D printing, making the plastic too valuable as to throw it away”.

In this case the plastic waste were collected on the shores of Alaska, and then they were sent to the headquarters of The Plastic Bank in Vancouver to process it, generate the filament for 3D printers and get that first object that shows that plastic waste that plague our oceans they may have a real utility.