Psx4iphone, Playstation Emulator for IPhone and IPod Touch

Link to the video.

I’ve been saying it and I will repeat it again. When you can schedule officially for the iPhone and iPod touch both devices will be us full of useful programs that will make them very powerful portable platforms. Are already being it now, when it must be done informally, imagine what the future holds…

A demonstration of this near future is psx4iphone, a Playstation emulator (Yes, the original, the first Playstation that was on sale). And although the name it seems otherwise, it works both on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Announced it a few days ago and is now available for download. As it is natural, being a first version its performance is not optimal and has quite a lot to improve, but it shows the potential that has as soon as they solve these glitches.

In the first video we can see the operation of Grand Theft Auto, the forerunner in 2D of what was that great saga of Grand Theft Auto 3. But it is not the only game compatible with this emulator, where we can find even fighting games like Tekken 3 3D or others like Resident Evil DC.

Matter of try on iPod touch, to see how it goes.