Printstik: Portable Bluetooth Printer “the World’s Smallest”

The Canadian Planon advantage of Father’s Day to revive the “PRINTSTIK” he presents as the smallest mobile printer in the world.

With the approach of Father’s Day, Planon relaunch its “PRINTSTIK”, printer stick available for some years now associated with an online service.

The PRINTSTIK is the office that the Zink printer such as Polaroid or LG are in the photo: an extra printer responding to specific uses on the move.

Measuring 27.9 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm, it has to do with a battery and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to work wirelessly with a computer or an Android or BlackBerry smartphone. It is also based on a printing process in black and white at 600 dpi, as some faxes. It therefore requires no ink cartridge but the specific paper rolls of 20 sheets, reducing printing costs about 33 cents per page.

Planon thus accompanied the recently service “Mobile Enhanced Print Application” which improves the layout of all kinds of files, whether they are supported or not by the smartphone used by the process by remote servers.This service is free the first year and charged $ 30 / year beyond.

The printer Planon Printstik is marketed $ 200 in the US. It is found in Europe for around 200 euros.