Printing Via WLAN – So It Works with Any Device

If you want any device access have Windows, Android or Apple – on your printer or multi function device, via your Wi-FI. This guide describes the procedures and gives tips for setting up.

In the world of PCs and notebooks, printing and scanning are basic functions that no one long thinks about, because they’re easy and work – especially when the output device via the cable USB is activated. But what a cable when the devices via Wi-FI in the home network can be integrated? Especially since you can get from your Tablet and Smartphone to prints and scans. Because also the multifunction device can now more than ever. Did’s access to the Internet, printing and Scandienste, without having to go through to make it computer and mobile device. But also your old USB printer must not equal on the garbage just because it has built no Wi-FI module. You can to work him to the network printer, the same distance from the mobile device, such as from the PC.

Before the print and scan: All devices on a wireless NETWORK!

As a prerequisite, to wirelessly print and scan, to each unit include in the same Wi-FI – say: PC, mobile device and printer. Select a 2.4 GHz network, because only that is supported by the printer. In the calculator, you click the Wi-FI icon on the Windows taskbar. Windows will then show you the available wireless networks. Choose your Wi-FI connection, and enter the password. Now your computer is connected.

To include your mobile device on the wireless NETWORK, open “Settings” and “Wi-FI”.The device displays the available networks you, from which you select the right at your fingertips. Again enter the access code, and thus you have incorporated the device.

When the printer or multifunction device make sure first that the Wi-FI module of the device is enabled. To do this turn the printer. The WLAN LED flashes (usually in blue), you need to do anything. Since then, the module is active and looking for existing networks.This is not the case, select the Wi-FI module either via a button on the device or via the operating menu. You will find the function under “Setup” or “Settings”, “Network” and “LAN Setup”.

There are several methods for establishing a connection between printer and wireless network. Many current printer models these are offered at the same time. At WPS (wireless protected Setup), there is a button on the printer or the corresponding option in the operating menu. Here, it is important that you trigger the operation almost simultaneously on the router and on the output device, by pressing the keys. Then find the devices and connect without further intervention.

Alternatively, many printers offer the WPS method via PIN (personal identification number). Then, you enter an eight-digit number which you will find on the bottom of the router or the router menu, the control panel of the printer. Similar to the computer or mobile device, also the printer over the selection of the appropriate WLAN can be combined with your password. On the printer menu, this approach often calls “Standard equipment”. Enter the password directly via the control menu on the printer. He has a touch screen, which is not expensive. It is tedious if you need to navigate using arrow keys to the individual letters and characters.

Insert the LAN printer for mobile printing

You have no wireless interface on the printer or multi-function device, is but a device in the wired network (LAN) installed, you can use this for printing of the tablet or Smartphone. Because the connection between mobile device and the printer goes through the router. Here, the printer receives an IP address now. She can be always newly assigned (DHCP) or fixed his (fixed IP). For network printers the latter is often the case. Look for a printer in your area, for example, about the Smartphone and an app, you the small application displays the network printer as a compatible output device when you search for printers in your area. Alternatively, you can enter fixed IPs in some apps. You will find the function on the printer search. Often she will be shown only if the connection to the printer is unsuccessful. Then, she appears about as “Connect printer via IP address”.

Without going through the router: Printing via Wi-Fi direct

As an alternative to the centralized wireless network mobile device and printer can connect also directly with each other. In the output device serves as an access point, the mobile device as a client. Whether your multifunction printer dominates Wi-Fi direct, learn about the manual or directly on the device itself. The function is disabled at the factory. To make it active, you go in the operating menu of the printer to “Settings-> network”. Often, there is also a direct button on the unit about “Fi of Wi-” – to enter the network settings. Go to the option “Wi-Fi Direct” or “direct connection” checkbox, and confirm the function with “Yes” or “Enable”. Keep in mind that a switched on Wi-Fi direct automatically disconnects the WIRELESS connection to the router. You can not use both wireless functions.

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Wi-Fi direct to the printer is turned on, you see the connection to the mobile device in the selection of wireless connections. They know they mostly from the designation of “Direct” and the printer series – about “DIRECT-DF-HP DeskJet 3700 series” or “DIRECT-Jw35-MB5100series”. At your fingertips, you select it. Usually is connect via WPA-2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) protected and encrypted according to AES (advanced encryption standard). To connect, enter a password on the mobile device. Printers and multifunction devices with display will be deposited this in the menu under “Local AREA connections” or “Network” and “Display settings”. For devices without a display, you must seek a keyboard shortcut Guide. So, for example, which prints HP DeskJet 3720from the network properties, if you ‘I’ at the same time press the key (release) and “Wi-Fi” and keep something. Enter the password in the mobile device, so both devices connect directly. As already at the printer, the Internet connection of the mobile device that is disabled.

Before the actual printing process starts, you need to confirm the connection to the printer as well as on the mobile device. In some cases, the entry of a PIN on the mobile device is necessary. On the printer usually the Confirm button is enough or the indicator on the display.

PCs and notebooks need a network driver

To mount all devices in the home network, is not sufficient for wireless printing and scanning. PCs and notebooks, each computer print and scan drivers needs to address the output device. You can play up the driver package from the CD supplied with your printer or multi-function device. It is however somewhat older, it is advisable to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Some current models see the note on a Web address – about in the supplied manual or setup description. Here, the manufacturer takes you directly to the support page for your product. Usually enough double click on the Setup file to start the installation process. “Link type”, select “Wireless network connection” or “WIRELESS connection”.After that, the computer searches for the device in the local Wi-FI. He found it, mark it, and continue the installation. You usually ends with the prompt to print a test page, which you should also perform, to see whether the printer is correctly addressed.

Especially older and very cheap printers or multifunction devices, which have no own display, need a USB connection for the first time. In these cases, you must connect the computer and printer in the short term by cable. Once the drivers are played on and the routine prompts you, you can disconnect the cable and a test page.

Wireless printing and scanning app

Tablets and Smartphones, the app replaces the classic printer and scanner drivers. The application comes from the manufacturer of a device, it is available for free in the appropriate app store. All the major manufacturers offer at least one application for their printers and multifunction devices. In the table we have listed the most important applications. Not every app can be inserted automatically with each device of the manufacturer’s. So, for example, the app proves ” Canon print business ” as incompatible with the combined unit Maxify MB5150 , although the model for use in the Office environment is intended. In this case the application proposes a suitable app, if you have multiple printer programs installed on your mobile device. That does not, you won’t get around to trying out another app of the manufacturer.

It is the default application, connect your printer by clicking on “Find printer” or add the device by plus sign. Usually the app instead of the exact printer name shows you the device series – as “HP DeskJet 3700 series”. Here are the possible functions unlocked automatically – so in addition to printing scanning and sending files in cloud services or social media. What can the relevant app, differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. So brother “iPrint & scan” application has integrated the fax function. Faxes sent to the Combi device appear on your mobile device. There, you can edit it and send.

Advantage of manufacturer apps: You have quite a few options. Once you roughly have shared access to your photos and selected a recording, you can define the paper size, media type, color, or grayscale under “Preferences” or “change pressure settings”.For some apps, you can also to check whether the printer is ready for operation, and whether there are enough ink or toner.

Drawback of manufacturer apps: You can print out not every document that the app only has access to certain folders on your mobile device. Also she can not deal generally with any file type. While JPEG images are not a problem, usually less popular file types such as PPT documents are not recognized and therefore also not to the printer to make out. At the same time the app directly from an application such as in Word or Acrobatout works. Printing, as you are used to the PC, not providing them.

Print plug-in “Mopria” for Android powered devices

The “Mopria” has set the goal of a uniform standard for mobile printing from the Android device. The abbreviation stands for mobile print Alliance, a merger of different printers and software manufacturers such as Samsung and Adobe. Since the Android version 4.4 (Kit Kat), the print function is supported by the operating system. A kind of universal driver provides the plug-in “Mopria print service” dar. It assumes that the service is supported by your printer. You can check on the website of the Alliance . Go to “See list of certified printers”, and enter the manufacturer and the name of your device.

It is compatible, download the plug-in from the play store on the mobile device. You need to activate it before it works. To cancel the display of your mobile device once from top to bottom and enter the notifications. Search for Mopria, and tap once on the message. In the following screen, set the slider “On”. The service is now activated, and all available and suitable for Mopria printer see listed.

Tip: Fast and convenient print – here’s how

Advantage of Mopria: The plug-in is compatible with a vast number of printer models.The probability that you will find your model below is very high. You can also print from the application – about Google apps and the chrome browser. Go to the share icon, and select the Mopria icon. Displays the available printers. You select the desired model and can make print settings. The process is very close to print from the computer and works via Wi-Fi direct.

Disadvantage of Mopria: The function scope is limited to printing. Scan and fax can not currently in. Also iOS mobile devices remain such as iPhone and iPad currently sidelined.

Special case Kindle fire – plug-in from the manufacturer

Since the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets and HDX while based on Android, but with fire OS bring its own operating system, they have no access to the play store Google apps or plug-in the download for the print function.

Print still using these mobile devices, for similar applications to download in the Amazon store. Since there is no universal driver comparable with Mopria, select to best the plug in your printer manufacturer, as “HP printing plug ins”. Have you downloaded it to yourKindle Fire , you must enable it. Paint this on the display from top to bottom, you will see in the notifications that you have installed the plugin. Tap your finger on this message, it is active.

Open a program-about the silk browser-, so can find the plug-in, if you type next to the command line for the Web address on the three points and “Print”. The available printers, see a list. Now select the plug-in – for example, “DeskJet 3700 series HP print plug ins”. Over the arrow some print settings are fold out – some copies, orientation or paper size.

Want you to further define the print job, click “More options”. Here you can set the media type as well as the duplex printing. The setting options depend on your printer model, because the plug-in detects not only the printer of manufacturer, but also the model number.

Advantage of the Kindle plug-in-in the: You can print also on Android powered devices that are equipped with special versions of the operating system.

Disadvantage of the Kindle plug-in-in the: There are no plug-in\r from parent body such as at Mopria, which you can use for printers of from different manufacturers.

Apple Airprint – integrated print function in iOS

Apple has built the mobile printing Airprint in iOS version 4.2 in the operating system. It works from within the application: mail, photos, and Internet (Safari). For printing, touch the icon “Deploy” and tap “Print”. The iPhone or iPad looks an Airprint printer on the wireless NETWORK. You need to select only the desired printer, to set the number of copies, to enable any “double-sided” and “Printing” to tap.

Advantage: Apple does the print function with the mobile devices. In addition, Airprint reports if, for example, paper is missing from the printer, or if he is offline.

Drawback: The printer or the multifunction device must master the Airprint. This not applies to the majority of current models, on any older device. Moreover lack of setting possibilities. So you can not change paper size and type. You then print a photo to A4 even though you didn’t.

Print services from the manufacturer: HP ePrint, Epson connect & co.

Current printer models can be often with additional services extended, which function independently of a computer. HP ePrint and Epson Connect the devices get, for example, its own email address, you can send documents from the mobile device. To activate the service, you must register the printer by the manufacturer. For this switch of the printer to the computer or mobile device, and invoke the Web page – or . The arrival alarm routines are often already installed in the initial installation. The printers are registered, the Web services are active. Canon additional functions also without account from the manufacturer can be use, even though the display for the first time “Registration”. All manufacturers are connecting to other services such as dropbox, Flickr, EverNote, one drive, Google drive Facebook or Twitter with the additional functions. Tap on the printer icon of Web services – about “cloud” or “Web”. Select the desired service, then log on. You can go there to send scans or print out pictures or documents.

Advantage: The multifunctional device becomes the gateway to cloud services. Thus, it expanded its functions.
Drawback: Sometimes the connect not immediately work. Then helps usually a firmware update of the output device. Keep in mind, also, that the user data for the cloud services are often only once queried. Do you want to sell your multi function device, you should delete all shared accounts, so that third parties have no access to it.