Printing The Past in 3D

The phenomenon of 3D printers is capturing the interest of many users who are devising new and spectacular applications for this technology. In one of the latest examples, a New York lawyer is using these devices to print 3D mills and proofs of concept as inventors of the 19th century they could never see made.

Martin Galese is dedicated to rummage between the patent file Office of patents and trademarks of the United States and tries to bring some of those old patents to turn them into a reality. “If you look at the figures and diagrams of 19th-century patents, these are really precious. They are all a work of art,”says Welsh.
Curious fans allowed to recover lost and according to Welsh are a tangible link with the past. An interesting example is the of a pot scraper It was designed in 1875 and that it has returned to life with a unique design that seems perfect for removing fouling in any size and shape pots.

Is not the only recovered invention: this Attorney has already discovered a dozen of designs rather than It has become usable 3D designs for anyone who wants to take advantage of them if you have a 3D printers. The validity of those patents expired, so it is possible to take advantage of these designs and give them new life.