Printing 3D Has Opened The Way in The Industry of Prostheses

The 3D printing It is in full expansion and medicine is one of the fields where we have seen their expected arrival. An example of this is the case of Delgado Jose Jr. who was born without a left hand and has been using for years a prosthesis which had a cost of $42,000.

Mr Delgado has participated in tests of one hand prosthetic Cyborg Beast It is capable of reading the nerve impulses of his arm and acting to collation that has been manufactured with pieces created in a 3D printer. What more clashes in the comparison that is made of both alternatives is no longer functionality, aesthetics or convenience of use, but the difference in price, since the hand Cyborg Beast It has a production cost of only $50.

Jeremy Simon of 3DUniverse got Jose Delgado Jr to collaborate on this project to make it compare the differences of the traditional prosthesis of 42,000 dollars carrying using age compared with Cyborg Beast, with price of manufacture of two orders of magnitude less.

In addition to the price difference, Cyborg Beast has sensors that are placed in the user’s arm and is capable of respond to nervous stimuli being able to open it or close it in a natural way.

You can watch the video for details and impressions after using both prosthesis, but the summary is that Mr. Delgado prefers Cyborg Beast, for being more comfortable and provide a better use. However, it is true that some pieces may break due to the material used for printing, ABS.

Today Simon is working with Joseph on a new hand with a material that is known as Bridge nylon and is more resistant than ABS so you can see how the 3D printing you will have much travel in this segment thanks to having the point of view of the end-user of such devices to Polish designs.