Printer Dictionary Terms

  • ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).Tray that lets you scan and copy multi -page documents automatically.
  • AIO(All in one).All in one.You can identify on the one hand multifunction printers or even desktop computers that integrate all components on the screen itself.
  • AirPrint. Print function integrated in the operating system iOS 4.2 of Apple.It allows you to print directly via wi-fi from portable Apple devices: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Android.It is the operating system developed by Google based on Linux.
  • Apps.S mall applications developed for smartphones,tablets and even printers that extend the capabilities of these devices ,making them more versatile.

Printer Dictionary Terms


  • B / N.White and Black.No color information, only gray scale images.You can take colorless or later turn to shades of gray through any editing program.
  • White balance.Adjustment is done on the image to get pure white, regardless of the color temperature of ambient light.If not done a proper fit, white present some kind of coloring or pervasive that depend on the ambient lighting.It is usually represented with the initials WB, English White Balance.
  • Bluetooth. Standard communication via radio waves.It allows wireless connection to the computer or other devices that are in the same room.
  • BMP. Windows uncompressed image file consisting of a bitmap.
  • bps (bits per second).It refers to the bit rate or bit rate.Definitively indicate the rate at which data is transmitted.
  • Browser.Browser.Program used to browse the Internet.
  • Byte.Unit binary information consisting of eight bits.


  • Print head.It is the element containing the ink nozzles on inkjet printers.Depending on the model, the print heads can be integrated into the printer or ink cartridges.If integrated in the printer should be left replaceable and not fixed so they can be replaced in case of problems.
  • CCD (Charged Coupled Device).The technology used in the manufacture of sensors that use both digital cameras and camcorders and scanners.
  • CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).The technology used in integrated digital video cameras and sensors.The sensor is the device used to capture images then get in digital format.
  • CMYK. Color model commonly used in the field of printers.In this model each color is defined by its percentage of cyan, yellow ,magenta and black.
  • Compact Flash.A card type storage flash memory for digital cameras.There CF Type I models, 5 mm, and CF Type II, 9 mm.The latter allows to adapt the tiny IBM Microdrive hard drive, 1GB of capacity.
  • Compression.In digital photography and digital image processing, compression is reducing the file size.Depending on the file type, compression may involve loss of information or not. JPEG files are compressed lossy. LZW compression files, TIFF files for example, do not carry loss.
  • Consumables.Refers to ink and toner cartridges and the paper needed for printing documents.


  • Driver.Driver.Small program that allows the computer tocontrol the operation of a peripheral.


  • Edition (software of).Programs that modify digital images and videos.In the case of photos it is also called software photo retouching and in the case of video software video editing.
  • ePrint.System developed by HP that allows you to print remotely from a portable device connected to the Internet on compatible HP printers.The procedure is to assign the printer an e-mail address to which the attachments are sent to print.
  • Grayscale. Range 256 shades from white to black.
  • . Technical Specification document that defines the necessary characteristics of a product: for example, quality standards or properties of use, safety, dimensions, symbols, testing and test methods, packaging, etc.
  • Ethernet.Technology that allows network connection (via cable) of various devices.Normally it associated speed 10/100 if it supports the exchange of data at 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps or also Gigabit Ethernet speeds of 1,000 Mbps is also indicated.
  • EXIF. Written on photography that the digital camera includes an edge image when compressed in JPEG format information.Some programs let you read this information.


  • Firmware.Software integrated into a computer and stored in its memory containing the instructions for its operation.In many teams you can update the files and instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer, usually to correct problems or expand the team ‘s chances.


  • GB(Gigabyte). UoM storage capacity, for example, in an internal memory, a hard disk or a memory card.
  • GIF. File Type 256 -color image.It is used mainly for web pages and small animated images.


  • HubUSB. Device that can concentrate more USB ports allowing, for example, connecting multiple peripherals to one computer using a single USB port.


  • Interpolation.Digital process that adds more pixels to the image to magnify it, ie, to increase its final resolution.The disadvantage of this technique is that the artificial generation of pixels may adversely affect the image quality.
  • Inkjet printer (printer).Printer getting paper reproduction of an image or document by expelling droplets of ink on the page from the print heads.
  • iOS. operating system developed by Apple for its portable devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).


  • JFIF.File type JPEG image, also known as EXIF.
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).Compressed image file.It is the most popular format on the Internet and the most used by digital cameras, thanks to relatively little memory space it occupies.Of course, the higher the compression, the image loses quality.


  • KB(kilobyte).A unit of measurement refers to the storage capacity or, also, the space occupied bya file or digital information.1,024 bytes.


  • LED.Device (Diode) light emitting semiconductor.Applied to laser printers LED technology reduces energy consumption and achieve more compact size printers.


  • Mac OS.It is the operating system of Apple computers.
  • MB (Megabyte).A unit of measurement equivalent to 1,024 kilobytes of memory.The storage capacity of flash memory cards can be specified in MB.Not to be confused with Mb (megabit): 1 byte is 8 bits.
  • MemoryUSB. Support variable capacity to store data (documents, video, images, music).
  • Multifunction (printer).Printer, in addition to printing, scanner and photocopier incorporates sometimes fax.


  • Network printer (network printer).Those printers that, by having some sort of network connection (wi-fi, Ethernet), can be incorporated into the home network and be shared by different devices.
  • Ink levels.Information, usually in graphic form, on the amount of ink remaining in each cartridge.You can access this information through the printer driver.The accuracy depends on the method used by the manufacturer to estimate the ink remaining in the cartridge.


  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition).Optical Character Recognition.Can recognize typefaces alphanumeric during a scan and generate a text file that can subsequently be read and modified if necessary.


  • Peripheral.External device that connects to your computer.It can be a printer, a modem, etc.
  • PictBridge.Technology that allows direct photo printing without using a computer.To this end the camera is connected to the printer via a USB cable.
  • Pixel.This is the name that is called the smallest element of a digital image.The resolution of an image or a screen indicated by the number of pixels.The greater the number of pixels, the higher is the definition.
  • Plug and Play.Technology that allows the computer to automatically recognize and configure a peripheral automatically installing the appropriate drivers.
  • Plug-in.Additional program that can be added to another extension mode, to provide it with additional functions.
  • PNG. Compressed image file, similar to JPEG.
  • ppm.pages printed per minute.
  • dpi (dots per inch).Indicates the resolution of the image.A higher dpi, higher resolution.However, a scanned at very high resolution image also generate a larger file.In general, print quality is sufficient with 300 dpi.
  • Bit depth.Number of bits per pixel, depending on which color quality or gray scale image is defined.
  • Inch.1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm.


  • Resolution.It indicates how much detail can be seen.The expression, for example,
    1,920 x 1,080 refers to the horizontal resolution x vertical resolution.
  • RGB. Abbreviation for Red (red),Green (green) and Blue (blue) primary colors on TV.


  • Sensor.This is the device that can capture images.Consists of a matrix of photosensitive cells, each of which generates a current proportional to the light received electrical signal.
  • SmartMedia. Type flash memory card, also known as SSFDC (Solid State Floppy Disk Card).
  • Character recognition software (OCR).It allows to recognize alphanumeric characters typographical during a scan and generate a text file that can subsequently be read and modified if necessary.


  • Tambor. Component laser printers.The drum is filled withthe powder contained in the ink cartridge and then set the ink to the paper.
  • Thumbnail.Image is a scaled representation of another.They are generally used to create image galleries views.
  • TIFF.File uncompressed image, higher resolution and without the defects that have tablets, JPEG type.
  • Toner (cartridge).The toner cartridges and ink containing powder used in laser printers, like what ink cartridges in inkjet printers.
  • TWAIN.Language ensuring communication between scanner and computer.Enter directly into a program the option to scan an image or document.


  • USB(Universal Serial Bus).Port to connect peripherals such as a USB key, an MP3 player, a digital camera, etc.USB 3.0 is the new version of USB flash interface.


  • Wi-fi. Technology for networking devices (computers,smartphones, printers, TV, etc.) without cables.Also it is known 802.11 a, b, g, reference to the applicable technical regulations.This system uses radio waves in the 2.4 GHz band and / or 5 GHz and scope allows to cover a medium -sized housing.
  • Windows. OS Microsoft, although its Windows 7 version is installed on many computers (PCs and tablets), the latest version is Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 recent update.
  • WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup).A method that allows easily incorporate our printer to the network wi-fi home simply by pressing a button, so the network password’s own wireless router is obtained instead of enter key by key on the printer itself.It is necessary that the router also supports WPS.


  • Zoom.The tool zoom incorporating different applications to increase or reduce the size of the image displayed on the screen. This can be useful if, for example, is correcting the defects of an image with a photo editing program.


  • 802.11 a, b, g, n.Technical standard applicable to networks wi-fi. Such networks allow the networking of devices (computers,smartphones, printers, TV, etc.) without cables.For this purpose are used radio waves in the 2.4 GHz band and / or 5 GHz and scope allows to cover a medium -sized housing.