Printer: Canon Pixma MG6851 in the Test

The multifunction printer Canon Pixma MG6851 convinces in the test with a very good price-performance ratio.

The multifunction printer Canon Pixma MG6851 is limited to printing, scanning and copying. A fax is not installed. The device belongs to the manufacturer’s MG6800 series, whose models differ in the case colors, but are otherwise identical. The designation MG6851 stands for the white variant, which we examine in more detail in the test.



Canon Pixma MG6851

Quality (40%)


Speed ​​(20%)


Handling (15%)


Features (15%)


Service (10%)



-0.30 (Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, app, Wi-Fi Direct, Mopria wireless Pictbridge)


Satisfactory (2.54)

Price-performance ratio

very cheap

Canon has pioneered the Pixma MG6851 multifunction printer for its compactness, offering some proven features such as a covered paper cassette or a second input tray. Also the increased working noise disturbed something. Otherwise the user receives balanced technology with up-to-date functionality for mobile printing standards and in terms of cloud connectivity. The results in printing, scanning and copying are convincing. The numerous nozzle rinses are at the expense of ink consumption. Nevertheless the calculated side prices remain in the frame of the device class and the number of cartridges within the framework. So it is not surprising that the multi-function printer comes at the bottom of a very good price-performance ratio. It is recommended for users who do not want to print or copy more than a few pages every day, but do not want to use a fax function. You can choose between a white or black housing.


+ Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Pictbridge WLAN

+ Many mobile printing standards

+ Touch display

+ Real switch


– very bright color copy

– loud pressure noise

– many nozzle flushing

Complications in equipment

Overall, the units of the combi-model series are compactly constructed. To achieve this, has Canon made some compromise on features in purchasing. For example, a maximum of 100 sheets can fit in the paper feed. In addition, the compartment is open, in contrast to the previous models, and can easily be dusted. The paper tray is also limited to a fold-out, but very narrow tray, which does not leave a particularly stable impression. At the same time, it is noticeable that the multifunction printer prints quite loudly. Previous models were far better insulated. Plus, the Pixma MG6851 is capable of automatically printing duplex printing for the front and back of a sheet.

In the middle of the front is a touch-screen: it is rigidly integrated into the control panel, but responds quickly to a fixed finger pressure. In addition, it offers great symbols that can also be hit with larger fingers.

The screen reflects the focus of the Canon Pixma MG6851: The combi printer is focused on cloud services. Under the menu item “Cloud” We go directly to services likeDropbox , Evernote or Google Drive, but also to social media services such as Facebook, Twitter or photo services like Picasa. For each service we have to register with our access data. This also applies to the “Canon Image Service” service, but not to the templates from the Creative Park offer. Here you can find greeting cards and motifs for cutting and assembling from the fields of animals and vehicles.

In addition to this cloud-link alignment, the multifunction printer also dominates the popular mobile printing standards such as Apple Airprint or Google Cloudprint. It can be accessed via Wi-Fi Direct directly from the smartphone or tablet. Photo friends with a camera that has a Wi-Fi Pictbridge interface can send pictures directly from the unit to the combiner. Alternatively, memory cards can be plugged into the slots on the housing – for example for the formats SD or Memory Stick Duo.


Canon Pixma MG6851 (Rating: 4,37)


USB 2.0, card slots, Wi-Fi 802.11n


, Flat bed scanner, screen, duplex printing, borderless printing, direct printing


Canon My Printer, Canon My Printer, Easy Web Print EX


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS

Faxing without PC possible


Consumption – five ink tanks, but reasonable costs

Inside the Canon Pixma MG6851 are five cartridges, which are also available in XL variants in the after sale. In the best case, we calculate 3.6 cents for the black and 7.7 cents for the colored leaf. These are acceptable side costs. However, in the test, the numerous nozzle flushes disturbed, which drive the consumption unnecessarily.Particularly annoying: When the device is awakened from idle mode, a nozzle flush is the first action.

The multifunction printer behaves unobtrusively in the power supply: even when the WLAN is activated, the device switches to standby mode at 1.4 watts. For this, the Canon Pixma MG6851 disconnects completely from the power supply – this is laudable and not self-evident in devices for the home area.


Canon Pixma MG6851

Power consumption: Off / Sleep mode / Operation

0.0 / 1.4 / 12.0 watts

Side cost: black and white / color

3.6 / 7.7 cents per page

Quality – good prints, pale color copies

In the multifunctional printer is a perfected printing work, on which a few years has not changed much. It provides good text prints with only slightly rough character edges and good black coverage. Color prints have bright colors and homogeneous surfaces. A slight redstitch in the test photos does not disturb. The scans overlap the red and blue areas, but have a decent sharpness. When copying, it is noticeable that grayscale surfaces are quite coarse and colored originals in the copy become very bright. This causes details to be lost. Manual re-adjustment of the copy settings is necessary here. For this, the MG6851 copies in the 1: 1 format – this is praiseworthy.

Speed – expected results

In the work bench, the tried and tested Canon model confirms what we have known for years from the manufacturer. There is no surprise component, but also no disappointment. The MG6851 operates the pressure exerted tasks routinely. It reaches a decent value with 46 seconds for ten text pages. Ten color A4 pages in Acrobat last 2:30 minutes – again, the device is with the predecessors on a line. The scanning unit is working properly. This shows 6 seconds for a preview as well as 7 seconds for scanning in grayscale. With 15 seconds, the color scan requires a little more patience, but the time value itself is in order for the device class.


Canon Pixma MG6851 (Rating: 3,06)

Print (b / w): 1 page text, quality mode / 10 pages text, normal mode / graphics, normal mode / graphics, quality mode

1:04 / 0:46 / 0:17 / 1:33 minutes

Print (color): 10 pages PDF / A4 photo, normal mode / A4 photo, photo paper / randl. Photo (10 x 15 cm)

2:30 / 0:33 / 1:39 / 0:57 minutes

Scanning: color, text, preview, grayscale

0:15 / 0:07 / 0:06 / 0:07 minutes

Copy (b / w): 5 pages, 1 page

0:35 / 0:09 minutes

Copy (color): 1 page

0:22 Minutes


Canon Pixma MG6851

Test category

Multifunction devices

Multifunction device manufacturer


Internet address of Canon

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

139 euros

Canon’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months



Canon Pixma MG6851

Printing technology / number of printing inks / number of cartridges

Inkjet / 5/5

Driver version: printer / scanner / 20.0.20


Canon Pixma MG6851


Print (b / w): text, quality mode / text, normal mode / graphics, normal mode / graphics, quality mode

Very good / very good / good / very goodgut

Print (color): PDF, normal mode / A4 photo, normal mode / A4 photo, quality mode / randl. Photo (10 x 15 cm), high quality mode

Good / good / very good / very goodgut,

Print: Color chart (hits)

11 of 24

Scan: Screen


Scanning – hits: colorless / too light / too dark


Scanning – Color Stitch: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow


Scanning: Total impression


Copy (b / w)


Copy (color)



Software: Printer / Scanner

good Good

Transport lock / manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

No / yes / yes / no / no

Control panel / cartridge replacement / colors individually interchangeable / space requirement / processing / paper transport / max. Paper stock

Simple / easy / yes / 2818 cm² / good / good / 100 sheets



12 months

Service-Hotline / German-speaking / available (hours) / continuous / accessible via e-mail

069/29993680 / yes / 9.5 / yes / yes

Website / English / Manual download / drivers and firmware / support programs

our site / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes