Print Your Face Lost to Regain a Normal Life

The contribution to the 3D printing It is doing and all have to do in the field of Medicine (especially the prosthesis to measure) is and it must be impressive and key in the future of the human being. Look if not Eric Moger, a man that a piece of his printed face has returned almost life.

As detailed in The Telegraph, following an operation to remove a tumor on the face, the left side of it literally disappeared, included eye. After a scan of the affected area was simulated by computer as it would be his face and 3D printing technology worked the miracle.

Manufactured in nylon layer by layer, the new face of Eric was the first operation of its kind in the United Kingdom and allows you to not only regain her previous life in the best possible way, but even to drink and feed by mouth.

The prosthesis, then suffered a modification to fit the silicone protection wearing face Moger, It is attached by magnets for easy placement and removal. The next step will be to facilitate direct printing of silicone prosthesis for accelerating the process of obtaining them in a personalized way.