Print Photos Correctly

Which technology provides the best result for photo printing – inkjet or laser printer?

The answer to this question must be clearly “ink jets”. For this there are several reasons.

First, it is on the printing technology: laser printers bring its toner to the paper surface while the ink of an inkjet printer feeds in the paper. This results in much nicer and more bright colors. Speaking of colors: Laser printers only work with four colors. On the other hand, there are additional photo-inks for ink-jet printers, such as Fotocyan and Fotomagenta, which then benefit from the coloring of the prints.

As for the paper used, so inkjets have also outsell: You can namely also handle thicker papers that are more suitable due to their layers for photos. Last but not least, there are special photo-emitters that add a special layer to the finished photo to highlight the shine.