Popularizing 3D Printing Takes Rhythm in United States

One of the steps that must give the 3D printing to become popular is reach the public. Today it is very difficult to justify purchasing any model on the market to the user of a foot. It is true that there are very attractive proposals, and some very useful as Foodini, but still walk away end at the table by many households.

An interesting proposal to give to know is which are doing some strings such as Staples or Shapeways in the United States: the opportunity to be able to print you your figures in the shop almost at the time. In Spain we have something similar, with a bar in Barcelona, and they will certainly attract the attention of many onlookers who do not know well technology.

To the general public but key questions

Staples proposal stems from a collaboration with 3D Systems, carrying from the 2010 marketing creations with this type of printer. The aim is that consumers can take their creations directly from the store without having to send them home later.

Such proposals to be known are interesting. Mostly so that people will see is how the final product: material, hardness, texture, colors… However there are a key point for really 3D printers come into the home: the people see that this tool is useful and is a good investment.

Many of us have already seen items that can be printed. We have seen in the more commercial application that you can create figurines of all types, although some try to limit its distribution through DRM.

It is true that very interesting advances have been achieved in science: as print a skull but today offers nothing really powerful to the user. Perhaps the more hands Yes, but to the rest of the world not get you profitable to pay for a 3D printer, still.