Perfect Ping-Pong Ball Exists Thanks to The 3D Printing

Anyone who has played at the table tennis know well: the fragility of the balls It tends to do that we have to interrupt the games before what we want. At least until now, because the versatility of the 3D printers seems to have made possible the impossible: perfect table tennis ball.

Philipp Günther, a German entrepreneur, is responsible for the call Sup’airball, a tennis ball table that is made with a 3D printer and it makes a unique structure and of a plastic material which makes it virtually indestructible.

This structure makes that we can deform the ball, keep it in your pocket for example, and then remove it to start playing without any problems. In the video shown by Günther, you can see how the ball used to play seemingly well, although It is not at all clear that the boat or the feeling during the game is the same offered by conventional balls.

Interestingly this designer has decided to produce them and sell them himself in packs of three balls for $27, instead of free 3D designs as it is usually done in other cases. It is not that they are cheap, but if they really last forever the investment may be worthwhile.