Pebble Unveils New Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble presents the new generation of its smartwatch and funding will also be done by Kickstarter

Although yesterday we could see ahead of time designing the new generation of Pebble few hours that the company has officially presented new device does. Called the Pebble Time and its new features compared to the original version they are numerous, so make yourselves comfortable and discover which offers one of the pioneering companies in this smart watches.

The Pebble Time commitment to incorporate a color display, but not in any way, then still opt for e-paper technology to maximize battery life and allow perfect legibility in any environment. Not surprisingly, this new smartwatch able to maintain a range of seven days, a feat and one of its main weapons to fight with other devices on the rubber LED watch market such as Apple Watch.

Pebble Unveils New Pebble Time Smartwatch

The design also varies relative to Pebble original, because now we have a more pronounced frames- the inside and externally and  slightly rounded lines that break with the aesthetics of the first rectangular device. Of course, no touch screen, the same physical buttons and their arrangement are preserved, although its size has been greatly reduced to not project too watch profile, which in turn is thinner.

However, maybe one of the biggest news of the Pebble Time is on the inside, because the operating system has been completely redesigned to adopt an interface based on a timeline. Thus, the “Timeline” system organizes content from past to future, thus we can move forward or backward through this timeline seeing the different events, appointments, or tasks that have notifications pending. The movement is made through the physical buttons on the right side of the Pebble Time, being possible to expand the information for each event by pressing the center button.

The new interface Pebble Time is based on a timeline that organizes information from past to future

Of course, the new interface takes advantage of the color screen to offer more vivid and kept animations. The company has confirmed that the new Timeline system also come to the original Pebble and Pebble Steele, so users will be able to update their smartwatch in the future. Developers will also be able to integrate their apps-more than 6,500 according to the company-currently in the Timeline system.

In other characteristics, the Pebble Time will be available in three watches-black, white and red-and remains waterproof. The company has again chosen to finance the project through a campaign Kickstarter with a goal of $ 500,000 and, surprisingly, in less than half an hour the amount has been accomplished so much.

Finally, the final price of Pebble Time will be $ 199, although those who have helped finance the project through Kickstarter can get one for 179 or 159 dollars. No doubt great news for the market and for fans smartwatch Pebble, because this new model promises to give much war.