Pebble Smartwatch Android Version

From now on we can answer Android notifications directly from our Pebble

Makes some we announced that Pebble was about to reach the power of notifications of Android Wear, which meant that from now could respond to notices of Android directly from the smartwatch, but this was a mere mirror activity our smartphone. Well, just over two months later, the company has officially announced the launch of this new feature.

Pebble today updated its Android app to version 2.3 accompanied by an update device firmware to 2.9. With this concisgue implement functionality that Android users had long been clamoring for: to answer notifications from the wrist. For now, iOS users must comply with to mark as read notifications from the Pebble.

How does the system response specifically notification from the Pebble? We will have several methods, but the most practical is the ability to set up to 5 pre-defined answers to answer our messages from the wrist. Thus, if you download the latest version of Pebble Android, we find that there is a new section to introduce a set of predefined messages that we can choose when we receive notification has the chance to answer it .

Another possible method is to use funny emoji response, which is especially designed for messaging applications like Hangouts. In addition, some specific applications such as Square Cash will have its own response system in the Pebble, allowing us to send money to our contacts without removing the smartphone pocket.The integration of Pebble with Android Wear has been possible thanks to the open structure Google ‘s system, something the company appreciates to offer more features like this to the user.

We can establish a set of predetermined responses to answer notifications from the Pebble

Undoubtedly, Pebble is shown to be a more than worthy opponents in an increasingly competitive market smartwatch . Without going any further, the CEO of the company recently announced new hardware and software is on track for 2015 and that this will have nothing to do with what’s on the market right now.

As we have seen in TUCSONSMARTWATCHES, the new smartwatches of the Android app and watch the new firmware is now available for download completely free. Have you already updated your Pebble? We hope your impressions.