Our Site Sold the Buildable 3D Printers

You assemble the our site 3D printers. Without solder and special tools. But that’s not the only benefit.

Our site sold since August a 3D printer to the buildable. According to Fischer technology, it is “the world’s first 3D printer from a modular system”. We had fishing technique with the new printer in the newsroom to visit.

The advantage of an already-completed 3D printers: You understand the principle of construction and the technology of a 3D printer when reassembling. In addition the Our site 3D printer has no housing, you can watch thus exactly him at work. The process of fused uses the Our site 3D filament fabrication (FFF) for printing.

Advantage II: No soldering iron required

The advantage of the our site construction kit compared to conventional 3D-Drucker-Bausets: In contrast to other 3D-Drucker-Bausets tool or soldering required during Assembly and commissioning. This saves time and prevents service interruptions by defective solder joints.

German RepRap GmbH sold the kit with 890 components of the 3D-Drucker-Herstellers fishing technique. The components are four stepper motors, three mini-switches, a heated nozzle with temperature control and a pressure bed with pressure plate and a switching power supply to the power supply. The printer consists largely of plastic parts from our site, plus some aluminum and electronics parts. The kits are manufactured according to the company exclusively in Germany.

An assembly instruction guide step by step to the fully functional 3D printer. Also sets our site accompanying information to explain facts to the components, printing and especially for the design of engineering and pressure data in addition to historical about the technology.

Finished printing examples as printable G-codes are stored in the library of software. Accessories are also offered to the download of G-codes for printing by our site. During the demonstration by Our site we printed out a shopping cart chip and a small Our site male hammer so.

The included template can the user but not change or adapt to his wishes. The software allows but from Internet databases to process imported or even with a CAD program STL files in the Our site 3D print control software and to convert a printable G-code in the so-called slicer. The necessary software, you must get yourself but even and be incorporated even in it.

A filament (1.75 mm diameter) for first print objects is included in the Kit. The use of polylactic acid (PLA) as filament allows you to use an unheated pressure bed. Also, the BuildTak print bed to provide good adhesion of the filament, that easily remove cooled down using the supplied spatula to let. During the demonstration in the Newsroom, that worked perfectly. The printable objects can be up to a maximum of 6.5 cm high.

Patience is needed with the expression, just slightly larger objects may require several hours of printing time. The printer software 3D print control continuously indicates how long the printer still needed and how many layers it has yet to print with what temperature he prints.

This filament optimized for the printing process can be ordered from our site in five different our site colors on 50- and 500-g-rings. During a printing process, you can change the color by replacing the filament. Small drawback: Our site offers no suitable cover for the ready assembled printer. In view of the many filigree details and because the print bed should always be clean, it is recommended to cover the printer with suitable material.

The printing process is controlled by the 3D controller. In addition to an Atmel Microcontroller, this includes a USB interface for the computer, four stepping motor drivers for the X, Y and Z axes as well as the extruder, a power output for the heated nozzle of the extruder, connections for three limit switches, a temperature sensor and a DC Socket for a 19 volt power supply. In the printing process, the extruder of Our site screw drives is guided over the printing platform, as the manufacturer explains.

The printer software 3D print control (CD-ROM) is a software for 3D printing. Computer users with a Linux or MacOS operating system you want to be able to operate the Fischer software 3D printers with the free software RepetierHost. These should be the same with the Fischer 3D print control with functionality and ease of use Only to a version that is branded by Our site by RepetierHost. Linux and macOS users should be aware of the problem. With one important exception: The printer 3D print control software already extradite This is the only printer that can be used with the printer.

The technology of 3D printing, as Fischer technology promises.Proud price

The MSRP of Our site is 699,95 EUR. Thus the 3D printers as high-quality Christmas gift or birthday present for technology enthusiasts should recommend. On Amazon is the Our site 3D but for 659 euro available.

Technical data

Pressure range: 115 x 100 x 65 mm printing speed: 37 mm / s
Layer thickness: at least 0.2 mm
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.5 mm
Material: Polylactide (PLA)