Our Drawings and Designs Come to Life Thanks to This Pen That “Prints” in 3D

The 3D printers they continue to grow and expand its field of action in different disciplines, however one of the main obstacles is the price, which makes that its scope is still limited to some mostly freelancers.

Therefore, a proposal such as the 3Doodler, which consists in a pen printing freehand 3D, It is very interesting for its price and scope, a proposal that is being updated to offer us a more professional choice thanks the incorporation of new materials to draw in air. We know the details of the new 3Doodler Pro.

3Doodler Pro

The company 3Doodler was born in 2013 when they launched a campaign on Kickstarter where sought funding to create a pen capable of creating drawings in 3D, as if it were a 3D hand printer. The campaign was a success, but the product was aimed at a more casual segment for simple entertainment.

Now the company is announcing its second product in its history, the 3Doodler Pro, It is based on the same idea of creating handmade drawings and small sculptures but now under a concept thought of professionals, to engineers, designers and architects.

Among the features of this new 3Doodler Pro we have a body in carbon fiber, as well as the ability to use nylon, wood, polycarbonate and small strands in copper and bronze to give more strength to our creations. Each material has different colors and properties, since one is more flexible, another cools and solidifies faster, another leaves one aspect of fabric, and thus depending on the combinations and the temperature we use.

The pen has its own fan which serves to regulate the drying of the material, also We can choose the temperature play with the properties of the material and give different aspects, as well as a LCD screen where we can see the configuration that you have enabled at all times.

The 3Doodler Pro kit includes 6 tips of different thickness, its price is of $249, at the moment it is only available in the United States through the official store of MoMA, but in the coming days you will reach more stores online like Amazon, which will make that you start with international distribution.

While shown as an attractive and viable option for professionals, not mentioned anything about the replacement of material and price, so you have to look at if it’s a good investment in the long term.