OpenDesk Offers an IKEA Version Open Source for Lovers of The Do It Yourself

IKEA has become the paradigm of the furniture store where many met good, nice and cheap. And however, begin to appear closely related to technology alternatives, as OpenDesk, a project in which all furniture designs are Open Source.

This collection of “simple furnishings” is designed to be made from a CNC (computer numerical Control) machine, and the cost savings can be remarkable even if you don’t have the resources that we can deal with so that someone with wood and machinery we manufacture.
The idea has been launched by Joni and David Steiner and the 00 Development company, and is compatible with FabHub, a service that allows find local manufacturers -for example, in our country – that facilitate us the manufacture of these designs.

Any available furniture – for now, not too many–are available so that we can Download the “planes” in .dwg and .dxf formats -which in turn can be used in CNC machines. You can even download the PDF to try to build those furniture hand tools we have at our disposal.

3D, Open Source Hardware and bricomanía printers

“Such projects demonstrate the increasing acceptance and popularity of that philosophy of the”do it yourself”. These difficult times make that many seek to cut spending in all kinds of areas, and Open Source Hardware is one of the most promising solutions in this regard.

Offices with furniture of Mozilla’s Open Source are a fantastic example of this trend.

Of course, in that field the 3D printers will develop a fundamental role, who can that moment does not serve for the manufacture of furniture (objects that we print are small and would have to join many of them), but that are the perfect complement to these ‘offices and houses Open Source”. Not in vain, a recent study showed that these printers could be profitable in just a year to use them for print in 3D all kinds of objects of daily use at home or in the office.

Mozilla is an example of that philosophy: not long ago launched a new office in Japan in which made use of “furniture Open Source”. All the design elements – including the unique pallets which hides the wiring – were available thanks to the Open Source license of the whole project.

Now more than ever – and we are only beginning to glimpse the possibilities – all these alternatives make it clear that anyone can become designer and manufacturer of practically all elements of the places in which we live or work. Soon anyone can steal at IKEA slogan, Since each of us can make our home or office a true independent Republic. This promises.