Old Printer on Windows 8

You want an outdated printer underoperate 8, although there is no suitable driver. This is how it works.

Especially for very old peripherals, many manufacturers do not provide Windows 8 drivers anymore. Particularly not so common devices such as the Canon CP710.You will find solutions for how to get such printers running.

Auto detection: In some cases recognizes Windows 8 printer automatically when it via USB to connect to the computer. This is then the easiest way to run it with the new operating system. Here gives Windows a number of models from which you can select a suitable driver. If you can not find the product name of your printer, select a driver from the series. In our example with the Selphy series, however, you are unlucky, because these printers are not at all in the selection.

Detour via Windows 7 drivers: help now Windows -7 Driver on. However, since you lack the signature for Windows 8, you must first force it on the new operating system. Restart the Windows 8 PC in compatibility mode. Go to “Settings” and “Change PC settings”. Under “General” you will find “Extended Start” and “Restart Now”. While the computer reboots, press the F7 key. Several options appear on the screen. Select “Disable driver enforcement”.

Windows is running in this mode, find the appropriate driver package on the manufacturer’s website and download it to the computer – or about the Canon Selphy CP810. Right-click the downloaded exe file and choose “Compatibility Issues”. Go to “Treat Program Problems” and enable “The program was running in earlier versions of Windows” before you click “Next”. In the next step, select “Windows 7” and “Next”. Now the installation is finished. If error messages are displayed, click “Install”. Finally, the printer appears under “Devices and Printers”.

Install drivers manually: A special case can Windows systems represent with 64 bits.Often, you can only use the Windows 7 drivers when you install them manually. Connect your printer to the computer via USB and start the exe file for the driver installation package. An error message appears in the dialog box on the screen. Leave them standing and open Windows Explorer.

In the header, type “% Temp%”. Now Windows shows you the temporary files. Look for the current date and folder that has something to do with the printer. The keyword “Canon” must appear. Copy the subfolder to where you find it – for example, “C: \ driver”.

To upload the driver, go to the “System and Printers” control panel. Click “Add Printer” and “The printer you are looking for is not listed”. Select “Add local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click “Next”. Select “Existing Connection” to search for a USB port. Select “Media” and “Browse”. In Windows Explorer, locate the previously saved directory and the appropriate inf file. Click “Open” to add the printer to the list. If you select it, the installation wizard is completed. The Canon Selphy CP810 now appears as an icon under “Devices and Printers” and is ready for use even under Windows8.