Off or Rest Mode on Inkjet Printers?

What is better with inkjet printers to prevent unwanted nozzle rinses – idle mode or shutdown? That tells you the tip.

If ink jet devices are longer from the power supply, they are flushing the pressure nozzles after switching on. Depending on the device, a lot of the expensive liquid can be used without having any direct effect – except that the output of the output device is guaranteed. Since it appears logical to not take the inkjet printer off the net, but leave it in the quiescent mode, in order to bypass the cleansing passages. This has advantages and disadvantages.

As our tests show off current inkjet printers and multifunction devices for home use rather quickly into sleep mode when they are not accessed for a while. The power consumption is below 1 Watt on average. Some models also turn off automatically completely when not a certain period of data obtained more. The result: in many cases, they first flush the nozzles when a print job is received or the user presses a key on the operating menu. In this respect, it makes no difference whether you leave the printer in idle mode or shut it down with the power switch.

However, keep in mind that some devices in the quiescent mode will flush the nozzles, even if no action has arrived at them. They are just preconfigured. In this case, you are sure to waste more ink when you leave the printer or the multi-function device in sleep mode. If the device is disconnected from the power supply, it can not interfere with any unintended operation. And the one rinse that it does when you switch it on again costs less ink than the uncertain many, which it puts in the resting mode in between.