Of Batteries of Lithium Ion 3D Printing, Getting Closer

A group of researchers of the Harvard University It takes time to working on a method to print micro batteries of Lithium Ion of the size of a grain of sand on a 3D printer.

Battery, thinner than a human hair, could provide electricity to tiny size devices such as implants doctors or nanosensors. Now that process has polished two significant advances.
The first one consists of a die that is can solidify forming batteries and simple components like electrodes, cables and antennas. The second, the design of extruder that you enable these micro batteries from industrial 3D printers.

This technology could accelerate the production of this type of component is capable of placing the necessary ink so be built hundreds of micro batteries at the same time. In addition works at room temperature, allowing you to print these materials in plastic without causing damage.

The first included micro – revolution is in the way they are manufactured, say its developers- they have a size of a square millimeter but they behave as well as commercial batteries. The secret is that it is possible to move the design of much larger batteries on a microscopic scale which are handled 100 nanometers accuracy.