Normal Brings Headphones Customized for Each Ear

Normal they could be a headset more than high-end. However, to have something that makes them special: is adapted to any ear so perfectly fit to use them. No round rubber bands silicone, a sole and exclusive model for us. In fact this is the main difference and point key.

This company based in New York brings a set of headphones that you can customize to our liking. Only send two photos of our ears, Normal can manufacture some molds with 3D printer to fit them perfectly. Something similar to that used by some companies when creating ear plugs.

Headphones to measure

The company was founded in August but until it failed to be sufficiently stable economically not embarked on the adventure. This milestone was achieved in October of last year when they managed to secure the investment needed to carry out the manufacture of these headphones.

Customization of the headphones is done through of a mobile application. In addition to selecting the color, we can send photos directly to Normal so build us molds. The quality of the sound say that it is really good, although we will have to test it to verify that it is really so.

The price of the headset is of $200, This figure includes all costs associated as the dispatch. A Fortus printer is used to print models, Normal 250mc, a model that uses only a material (thermoplastic) and which is capable of printing in multiple colors.