Nokia Us Help to Make Our Own Covers for The Lumia 820… If We Have a Printer 3D

The size of the ecosystem of accessories for mobile phone is enormous. Covers of all types, sizes, colors and materials struggle to gain a foothold around our smartphone. The truth is that there is where choice and now Nokia presents a fairly original idea.

As some already know, the 820 Lumia offers the possibility of exchanging the back cover in a very simple way. Well, if you’re thinking about making one, Finns put it easy to give you a personalized…If you have a 3D printer.

With this initiative so curious, Nokia gets into one of the most discussed future trends: the three-dimensional impression. With the name of 3D Printing Development Kit, 3DK for friends, or have published models with all parts, separately, from the back.

If we take a look back, we see that this is not the first time that Nokia intends us to customize their phones with this philosophy of the do it yourself. In 2004, without going any further, we allowed in the Nokia 3220 print our designs on paper and place it in the rear.

In only 9 nine years we went from that to which we can create them with a 3D printer. It is true that at the moment it’s a niche gadget but that increasingly gives more step to become a method of reproduction of all kinds of objects.

A curious fact to be followed closely as evolve 3D printers. Not so in the case of Nokia, which I think is commendable, but by If you end up being trend for other manufacturer if finally these devices end up being affordable or is being consolidated as one appliance more at home.

In any case, if you have two elements, Nokia has published along with files a bit of documentation which give us some tips when creating our covers.