New Mod-T Matter, Low-Cost 3D Printer: $199

The 3D printers they have several years in headlines and professional catalogs but it is not so far when they are beginning to reach the market, to the final consumer.

One example is the case of New Mod-T Matter, a 3D printer that will have a cost of $249. In fact, the company is looking for funding via indiegogo and has offered a limited number of units to 149 dollars and $199 for the first supporting the project.

Without a doubt, will be a salutary lesson good to achieve the popularization e introduction of 3D in the consumer market printers.

New Mod-T Matter, the cheapest on the market

This is a 3D printer of type FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) that makes use of a thread of plastic PLA that enters an extruder, heats it to semi-solid state and you are depositing it, layer to layer, on a two-dimensional surface.

The maximum size that may have parts is 125 x 100 mm and the maximum height We print is of 12.5 cm.

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Thus, if we imprimiésemos a person, for example the first layer would be the plant of shoes and go climbing until you reach the last layer of the hair of the head.

Technical specifications

The company is testing currently carry the thickness of each layer to just 0.1 mm, and that for its official launch in 2015 will be characteristic of series.

As you can see in the following table, we have a brief reference on the characteristics of the most popular 3D printers for consumption today day as well as their prices.

There is no doubt about that is the most economical and the thread that used to print is the most economical and not being a proprietary format is expected if that price is popularized end down.

The company New Matter has created a store in which users can buy and sell your own 3D designs, i.e., if you need a bath cabinet door handle, it is possible that someone has already designed it in 3D and you can buy design, download it and print it.

It seems that the 3D printing you will arrive to the homes at reasonable prices in 2015, even you can print one piece 3D using Wi-Fi, are you ready?.