New Balance Also Is Targeting Print Slippers

If the two leading sportswear firms had ventured to play with 3D printing – talk about Nike and Adidas – not going to surprise other historical brands will join the initiative. Now it is turn to New Balance, It does the same with athletic shoes.

The American company not only wants to let us know that they are at the technological forefront, trying new things, but they want to sell them soon. New Balance is provided to beat them at the finish line.

We must clarify that incorporate the new shoes are one 3D printed midsole, the rest of the shoe seems to employing the usual materials in a high performance model. You can meet them in his video presentation:

The design is an update to the new New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, but instead of using the usual foam midsole, is used where printed with 3D methods

The shoe will be available in April, the event will take advantage of the Boston Marathon for putting them into circulation. Will be sold in Limited Edition, a few hundred units, and expected is that they are more expensive than the rest of the House models.

Some improvement should introduce the new system of creation of shoes, not just an advertising episode. They count that it is optimized weight – 40 grams, still higher than foam-, and the creation process is more efficient to use foam, and may have more design freedom.

The system employed by New Balance is called SLS (selective laser sintering), and the layers from powder elastomer that is burning are forming with the performance of a laser.

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Printing the perfect fit with MIT

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