Need a Battery for Your Projects? Print It Yourself

3D printing continues to help us in the day day to solve a lot of problems at home (and out of it), or also to make our projects. The other day we were talking about the possibility of producing boxes of any size and shape parameterized thanks to 3D, something really interesting printing and which solves the ballot to find a box for our creation.

And what about the food? If you were thinking you use rechargeable batteries, you would probably need to go through the electronics store to buy a battery holder (or battery) or order it online. The good news is that it is no longer necessary. On Thingiverse we have the perfect solution, since we can manufacture elements customizable and then we will print the holder on a 3D printer.

One minute. You’re thinking that the battery have a metallic pressure system to ensure that the battery is subject and ensure that it comes in contact with metal prongs. No problem, because as we can see in the picture below the System prints a kind of spring or plastic spring which guarantees the pressure against the terminals Once we’ve added them with a cable and a little soldering. Another advantage is that if we need a voltage (or amperage) it rare, you can configure the number of batteries to be connected in series or in parallel.

There are a lot of supported batteries, e.g. of the types AA, AAA, 18650 (Li-Ion), 18650P (Li-Ion), CR123A and C. It is worth to take a look at Thingiverse because the number of supported batteries continues to grow.