Multifunction Printer: What are the Advantages and Features of This Equipment

Multifunction Printer What are the Advantages and Features of This Equipment

If you think a  multifunctional printer is just for home use, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to be the most cost-effective for your business.

With the wide variety of models that are offered today in the market, it responds very well also in the commercial or business area, adding several queries that can optimize the tasks of the day to day, with economy.

Have multiple features on just one machine

You may not need to scan an image or document and send it by email every day, or receive faxes, or print many documents frequently, but when you have to drop everything to go to a lan house, it can result in a great inconvenience and time wasted in an office, delaying the rest of the routine. At these times the convenience of the multifunction printer is perfect: it is able to meet the demand of offices such as law firms, doctors’ offices and even small offices with efficiency.

But as it is a more compact equipment, the limitations are inevitable. If the daily demand is too great, you might want to think about buying separate printer, fax and scanner. They take up more space but have the capacity to handle heavy production with more speed and control.

Multifunction Printer is Perfect for Businesses with Multiple Departments

Large business departments often do not need sophisticated, resourceful equipment that ends up being expensive and weighing in on the monthly budget with maintenance and supplies. On the other hand, they have their own daily printing needs, which, although not very large, are important for the smooth running of work. In this case, the all- in-one printer can be the perfect choice by adding multiple services to a compact machine that delivers good print quality. Thus the company ends up avoiding the multiplicity of equipment in each department, which, in addition to being more expensive, ends up taking up a lot of space in each department.

Amount to buy is reduced

The all-in-one printer may be more expensive than a single printer, but it comes out morethan if you buy each separate device. Today you find multifunction printers with various configurations,including wi-fi, which greatly facilitates the company’s routine. It can also be networked so that any computer with permission can send material, favoring print management.

Also save on electric bill

The multifunction printer consumes less power than others, not only because of its dimensions, but also because it is attached to the power supply by a single cable. In addition to reducing the amount of wires, which often mean a real congestion between the tables, the amount of electricity needed to power the device is much lower. It uses only one feature at a time, as opposed to when there is a machine for each function and all can be connected at the same time, overloading the source and generating a greater consumption of energy.

Disadvantage? Even has, but it’s very simple.

The fact that a multifunction printer packs so many features into a single device can be a disadvantage  when one of these features is defective. This can cause the other resources to stop, causing the machine to be idle until the problem is solved. This is the case, for example, when the toner or ink runs out: in addition to the copies, receiving faxes is also impaired.

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