Multifunction Devices with WLAN in the Test

A multifunction device with WLAN is fully up-to-date as it can be controlled from the notebook, netbook or tablet. The picture gallery shows the best combi printers with WiFi from the tests.

Especially in the case of inkjet multifunctional devices, the control by radio is almost as common as the USB port as a connection to the local computer. Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury, as the number of multi-functional devices with WiFi is below the magic price limit of € 100 (retail price recommended by the manufacturer). Apart from decent quality in printing, copying and scanning, they also offer good equipment. For example, integrated duplex units are not a rarity that allows for automatic two-sided printing. Also preview displays over which no computer documents from cloud storage like Dropbox as blank or social media services Facebook print are even available on the entry-level segment.

You should still pay attention to page prices, because the entry level is only seemingly cheap. You can spend more than 100 euros for the device and get a multifunction device with reasonable costs. Here WLAN is always on board, often also as a variant WiFi Direct, in which you connect your mobile device directly without a router via the combineret. Especially some Canon models use the Kombigerät as an access point. Then a point-to-point connection can be established with the mobile device. However in this case deactivates the classic wireless network by router.

Many a multifunction device can also connect via NFC (near field communication) to the smartphone or tablet PC. What makes the manufacturers as a super simplistic, has proven so far in the PC-WELT tests as still unripe. In most cases, the contact only works in a certain way, or not at all. If it is established, the data exchange again takes place via WLAN.

Mobile printing standards and manufacturing services

More and more powerful multifunction devices support diverse possibilities of mobile printing, which Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print probably are the most common.However, a look at the technical data remains necessary, since not always are both standards that are mastered. These manufacturers offer their own cloud print services such as HP ePrint, Epson Connect and Canon Cloud Link. Each printer manufacturer also has apps in the program, which allow the models to be controlled from within their own home.

In addition, the multifunctional devices all have a USB port for the local connection to the computer. Some models also offer Ethernet to connect them to the LAN. Discover in the gallery the best multifunction devices with WLAN connection from the tests.

Currently tested: HP Officejet 5740 : The multifunction device is ideal for home or small home office. However, even the moderate working speed is against too much demand for printing, scanning and copying. Anyone who decides on this combinatorial model can consider the Ink Inkjet service Instant Ink when it actually retrieves regular print volumes. It comes then because of the Kombikartuschen more favorable than with the cartridges from the shop next door.