Million Capital for Metal 3D Printers from Matterfab

The Startup MetarFab receives a capital injection of $ 5.75 million to develop a 3D printer that produces affordable metal parts.

3D printers that can process metal are usually very expensive. The Startup Mettarfabwants to change with a metal 3D printer. It is intended to make the printing of metal objects affordable. For the get developers now a capital injection of 5.75 million US dollars of venture GE. The money is to bring the metal 3D printer into the final stage.

The 3D printer works similar to a plastic 3D printer. However, instead of the plastic filament, he uses metal powder, which he melts in layers by laser beam. Clou of the technique of Mettarfab lies in connecting the layers, so that the end result is an object with smooth surface. For this to happen, extremely high temperatures are necessary.

According to Mettarfab, a kilo of stainless steel powder currently stands at around 120 US dollars. This is favorable for metalworking companies, for which the printer is intended. These could quickly and, above all, inexpensively produce small series and prototypes with the device. The inventor team is silent about a final prize for the metal 3D printer at the moment. The goal is in any case to offer a cost-effective 3D printer for metal objects. It is to be available in the second half of next year.