Mark One, One That Uses The Fibre of Carbon as “Ink” 3D Printer

So far the 3D printers had focused on thermoplastic materials such as ABS and PLA, they are moldable applies them heat and they are solidified at room temperature. Those materials have some drawbacks for industrial applications, and some developments seek to resolve that lack.

It is the case of the 3D printer Mark One, that their creators have developed in order to print wings for race cars designed by computer and are printed on carbon fiber. Until now only industrial CNC machines could do it, but Mark One approaching this process many more users.
This printer makes use of aluminium in its chassis and construction, and the ability to work with carbon fiber makes the printed items 20 times more rigid and 5 times stronger to print with ABS according to its makers.

Gregory Mark, the co-owner of the company Aeromotions, explained that this 3D printer applications go beyond the use which they conceived originally, and that for example It could be applied to the manufacture of prostheses.

The the Mark One price is $ 5,000, and as Mark suggests, carbon fiber “is a material that everyone knows, but that most of the people have not used. “So we have located it at a price low so everyone can use it”. The One Mark of MarkForged can be booked starting from February, and the first units will arrive in the second half of the year.