LIX Is 3D Pencil What You Allow to Draw in The Air

The 3D printing It is proving to offer different aspects, and one of them is the artistic. Hand 3D printers are now a more interesting choice since the advent of LIX, a development which already has campaign of collective funding on Kickstarter and which stands out for the results that can be obtained with this device.

LIX is basically a stylus that allows you to directly print 3D objects”drawing on the air”. This device mixes plastics of colors that then allow us to build structures and shapes, as if we were creating a wire sculpture.

On the back of LIX We find a USB 3.0 port It is responsible for feeding device, than at its other end has head that will appear ABS/PLA filament, which cools it so that it is immediately solidified to appear by the end.

The pencil has the same internals to a 3D printer, but instead of inserting 3D models which are then printed, this development just makes that we can draw in the air to create curious structures.

Its makers have already attracted a spectacular interest, and in the absence of a month to the end of the campaign, already have raised almost 8 times what they wanted to begin producing them on a massive scale. The sale price now part of the 82 pounds (100 euros), and the first units are expected in October 2014. We ask ourselves, that Yes, what happens when one is wrong in one stroke. Uhm.