Know Your Enemy and Know Yourself: United Kingdom Studied The Weapons Created with 3D Printers

Last year it jumped the controversy when an American was able to create a firearm with a 3D printer. Known as Liberator, it was intended to be a political message in favour of the possession of weapons and the headache that would be to the Government that, in theory, anyone can create a gun that would also be difficult to detect since the body is plastic.

Real threat or not, the time will say it, in the United Kingdom as they are preparing for knowing how they work 3D printed weapons and have already made the first tests to evaluate the danger involved. At the moment they are quiet because the first model manufactured is not able to shoot a bullet.

Today 3D printed weapons are illegal in United Kingdom

At the Center for applied science and technology (CAST in its acronym in English) a group of scientists and engineers work side by side to study technology more modern and current in order to understand and see what implications can have as well as the risk that represents each.

Not only arms printed in 3D but also keys of wives created with this technology. Away from the field of printing unidentified aerial vehicles, batteries, electronic devices and even prostheses is also studying… The work of this Centre is important because it is familiar with the technology and explain the risks that may entail.

At the moment the preoccupation with weapons created with 3D printers is minimal since they can identify trouble-free with scanners. They have no metal parts, it is true, but the way these can be recognized without problems with these tools. Even with all the doubts, in the United Kingdom are stark: the current legislation (revised November) prohibits the use of printed firearms