JuJups, Prints Your Designs in 3D

One of the few interesting things we had seen in the SIMO this year was 3D printers ZCorp, checking its operation on-site. At the moment, still have one of these at home is too expensive, but have their results will not be so much.

JuJups It is a service that will allow us to convert our designs into physical objects. To do this, you will have a page where to make these designs in a simple way via the network.

At the moment, you can design a photo frame with letters, drawings, reliefs,… that will be produced with one of these 3D printers and we send home. The size of the photo and frame 10 x 12 centimetres and is priced at 29.95 dollars, being the service valid only in United States.

Soon they will have more options to create, but forecast them success if they allow to buy 3D representations of the worlds online such as Second Life or World of Warcraft avatars.