It Could Be The 3D Printer That Will Build Your Next Home

The 3D printers you are called to revolutionize the creation of objects and devices, from the little ones that fit in the Palm of the hand to the largest imaginable.

Among these last are the housing and buildings much as those of other planets. On several occasions I have spoken here about this type of construction, known as “Contour Crafting” or construction of contours. Today I bring you some more information on the subject, which you can see in an illustrative video.

He teaches how to become one of these mega-printer 3D capable of building a House of 200 square meters in less than 24 hours (or at least its main structure).

Is this the future of architecture? Maybe not in the short term, but in a few decades, it could become a real and efficient alternative and perhaps one of the only viable systems to bring “civilization” to the Moon or other planets; Certainly a fascinating topic.