Inkjet Printers: “Less Is Printed, The More It Costs”

The printer cleaning cycle inkjet cartridges can wear out prematurely, especially when the machine is used sparingly.But according to UFC-Que Choisir, large disparities exist depending on the model, with the key, a printing cost can double and even sixfold.

Rint a range of pages in its inkjet printer can cost more or less, depending on the time between these impressions. In one study, the UFC-Que Choisir remember that less is used the printer, the more ink cartridges are empty quickly. The offending is known: the cleaning cycle. What is less clear is the cost difference observed according to the models and brands of printers.

As a reminder, all inkjet printers when they are little used, carry out regular cleanings so that the printheads clean. In its FAQ, Brotherexplained and during the purging procedure,” the machine draws a small amount of ink cartridges to eliminate air bubbles and remove dust and moisten the tubes and the ink nozzles  “. The brand ensures the print quality but also to optimize the printer’s life.

The problem is that in practice, the association notes,” most current tests measure usage costs machine by printing a series of pages until the cartridges are empty. But with this methodology, it ignores the cleaning phases. “To measure the impact of these cycles, the UFC compared five models representing major 3D printing market players: Brother, Canon, Epson and HP. And printed 100 pages and 25 color graphics in eight weeks. Canon and HP, bad students? In occasional printing, the Brother MFC-J615W consumes 25% more than in heavy use at a cost ranging from about 9 to 11 euros. This is in fact one of the most efficient models, with the Epson SX620FW, the printing cost is 16% higher in occasional use. But for other machines, the cost can increase in proportions ”  gigantic  “. With the Canon Pixma MX885, the bill increased from 11 to € 21.34 depending on whether the prints are made within hours, or over several weeks, which corresponds to a price increase of 94%.The result is worst in HP where, despite a very heavy use mastered cost (4.25 euros for the Officejet Pro 8500A Plus), we go to 26.56 euros when used occasionally. An inflation of 525%! If these tests are not representative of all the models of each brand, the consumer association advocates still to consider its printer usage frequency when buying. But not ”  too much reliance on data provided by the manufacturer  .”