In The Philippines Also Printed 3D Homes

In Xataka Smart Home we talked about smaller 3D printers and also the largest, so large that it is possible to print houses with them, using concrete as a building material. Now comes the turn to Philippines, where you are building a house using 3D printing with a height of walls of no less than three meters.

Printing on concrete for the construction of housing greatly expedites the construction process and cheapens the building. As we have seen, with the State-of the art we could lift the main structure of a House of 200 square meters in 24 hours.

We saw in Xataka Smart Home examples of housing with this method, or as a curiosity the impression of a castle for children, also with a 3D printer.

As you can see the 3D printing for homes is here to stay and we will soon see many more construction with this technique, both for small repairs or extensions and complete housing.