In Nike Believe That Tea 3D Printing Allows You to Print Your Slippers, and Want to Help You Do This

The 3D printers They seem to be a real threat for a multitude of sectors in which users could go to these devices to develop objects that we would normally buy from other manufacturers. We talked of segments like fashion, but there is also a promising future for the market of shoes.

At Nike are not afraid of the future: embrace it. It is indicating the statements of Eric Sprunk, Chief Operating Officer of the firm, which revealed how hope that this revolution is used both by consumers and by the firm. They provide a tool for us us design our own shoes and We pay for that file to print in 3D in our House, or, how no, the 3D printers that will have the own Nike.

Nike is preparing for the future

Sprunk made it clear that in the future Nike will remain owner of the file from the point of view of intellectual property: “is a product of Nike, it is not possible that anyone can produce a product of Nike,” and highlights that cleared up that point, any You can apply the advantages of 3D printing at home or in its stores to count with these personalized slippers.

In fact at Nike have already begun to explore that terrain to some extent: the slippers series Flyknit are basically made with a pack of components (design, tissue samples and other specifications) that sent to manufacturers in Asia. Machines that produce the sneakers are operated by a same employee, who manufactured these slippers “custom” massively.

That philosophy is that would apply basically with the introduction of 3D printing in the manufacture of shoes. In Nike claim to be working on a “major initiative” called “manufacturing revolution” that probably there are some recent patents involved (like this one, that allows to design sneakers with virtual reality goggles). It is clear: the company you don’t want that 3D printing revolution caught unprepared.