In China Printed You Ten Houses in 24 Hours, with Recycled Materials

It is the dream of some, others are actually turning with an army of small robots, even we can talk of a quick process. We speak of use 3D printers to create the structure of a House or building, rather than go with the traditional way.

As you would expect, in China they have been working on the idea at an industrial level for quite some time. The company WinSun It boasts technology to assemble ten houses in 24 hours, at a cost of 4,800 dollars per each.

The “ink” out of demolished buildings

Equally interesting is to know that for the elaboration of the structure are used recycled materials, rather of other buildings, discarded, as cement and other waste.

In China million tons of material removed, are generated from constructions that are demolished. Until now were being used 5% of them, far than get the Japanese, who come very close to 95%. The figure could change if this new system exploits.

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The company uses four large 3D printers in order to cover guarantees the proportions of the House. We talk about covering a space of six meters high, ten meters wide and 40 long. As you can see, create homes with a single room (that you can join to form more complex constructions).

Once demonstrated the possibilities, the company leaders want to Mount 100 factories across China to refine materials and get more raw material for construction.

The biggest problem – that try to solve with Minibuilders – is that printers must always be larger than the object to be reproduced. This also raised build just walls that it can be shifted to where it is needed.