If You Can Print Your House in 3D, You Can Also Print Your Furniture

One of the great revolutions of the 21st century is undoubtedly the 3D printing. Printing is coming to homes along different paths. And if it is possible to print whole houses, or parts of them, it is also possible to print furniture thanks to 3D printers. Or at least that is what brings us the French company Drawn, whole furniture and printed in three dimensions.

The company aims to sell their own furniture in three dimensions, organize workshops to teach how to design and print your own furniture, and finally allow artists and designers use their services to print their own creations.

Drawn – Dessinez, c’est fabriqué! from Sylvain Charpiot on Vimeo.

Drawn was created in 2012 by Sylvain Charpiot and Samuel Javelle. Since then they have created a robotic called Galatea 3D printer. This printer is capable of print objects of a considerable size, and is mainly used to print furniture.

Do not know if Drawn has planned also sell printer Galatea, but there are probably many companies that would be interested.

What is clear is that the 3D printing has a great future and a prominent place in our lives. In Xataka Smart Home you will continue keeping informed of the progress of technique.