iBob Sticky Glue and Adhesive Tape

If you need a handy glue or tape that can be applied to all surfaces, don’t worry and this is also easily for you! We cover a fantastic selection, consisting of regular glue, glue sticks, refill, packing tape, carpet tape, duct tape, and much else that eases your everyday life.

iBob Sticky Glue and Adhesive Tape The possibilities, however, does not stop here, since of course you will have the opportunity to get a glue or tape, matching exactly your needs – whether it is with regard to the width of the content, number or otherwise.iBob Sticky Glue and Adhesive Tape

Tapens width can for example be obtained with targets everything from 1.5 mm to 50 mm. As an example, bridgat.com covers a highly usable tape to whiteboards. This tape gives you a wealth of opportunities including breakdowns and cells on the Board. The tape is incredibly easy to put up and take down again, when new ideas must be created.


Products like this tape, which is to, among other things, school and in the workplace, means that you can get everything you need – at once. That is to say, for example, when you purchase the practical iBob cardboard boxes, you can buy package tape, so everything is ready for use when it is received. Due to the lightning fast delivery, you have the opportunity to receive a complete set already the day after you’ve ordered at its homepage.iBob Sticky Glue and Adhesive Tape 2

Your goods will always cover your needs, as we cover many different brands that offer different, useful things. For example, there are brands such as Staedtler, Relief and Pritt, who provide excellent opportunities in the office, at home or in the classroom – at a reasonable price, of course.

The packing tape, universalism, canvas tape, mounting tape, etc., which can be obtained either as double-sided, single-use or with the ability to recycle it, creating so a safe foundation – either way, it is to be used for!