I Can Build You a Honda NSX with Your 3D Printer: Honda Leaves You Drawings

The Revolution of 3D printers It seems inevitable, but this leap should take into account issues like the DRM fees imposed by the manufacturers of all kinds of physical objects. Some, however, don’t seem to have problems to share their designs and these are reproduced.

It is the case of Honda, the well-known Japanese manufacturer that has a website specifically aimed at the owners of 3D printers. The company seems delighted with this type of technology, and in fact It gives the 3D plans of different models -including an impressive Honda NSX Concept – which you can manufacture in house.
This offer is part of a new global brand that Honda started at the Tokyo Motor Show fair in December 2013. Implementation of the web allows us to Download 3D files of different cars, but also display them directly in the browser with all luxury of details.

It is interesting to see how this manufacturer has given the 3D plans for those who want to print their own models, Although we must bear in mind that almost all 3D printers make use of thermoplastic materials to produce these models. There are exceptions like the interesting Mark One that makes use of carbon fiber, but we fear that the traditional materials of car are not currently within the reach of those printers. Time to time, do not you think?