HP Officejet 5740 with Instant Ink in Test

The HP Officejet 5740 is one of the multifunction devices that participate in the side price model Instant Ink. The test shows whether this is worthwhile.

The MFP HP Officejet 5740 participates in the side price model Instant Ink. Depending on the throughput, the program should always supply the user with sufficient ink and at the same time be cheaper than the cartridge reload from the shop. In the test we check if the in the case of the HP Officejet worth 5740th

Consumption – Combination cartridges favor instant ink

In HP Officejet 5740 sit two cartridges that are integral with the printhead. The manufacturer recommends the multifunction printer for a monthly throughput of 300 to 400 pages. When we put the cartridges in the test, it is noticeable that the cartridge suspension is quite wobbly. There is also little space for the cartridges. This speaks rather against all too frequent cartridge changes. If we base XL variants of the ink cartridges on, side prices of 4.8 cents for the black and 7.2 cents for the colored sheet result. Especially for the text page is not exactly favorable. The cartridges have an ISO range of 600 black-and-white and 415 color pages. This means they are above the recommended throughput, so they should hold more than one month at full load.Currently, the XL black cartridge at the manufacturer comes to around 29 euros, the color cartridge to a good 30 euros.

The HP ink replenishment program, on the other hand, starts with three price models: for 2.99 euros per month the consumer receives up to 50 pages, for 4.99 euros 100 pages and for 9.99 euros 300 pages. If the volume is not exhausted, it can be carried over to the next month, after which it expires. If the booked volume is not sufficient, additional pages can be added. The tariffs may be changed or terminated monthly.

If we compare the total price for an ink set of 60 Euro with the grades for Instant Ink, the Abomodell is worthwhile for those who generate a certain basic throughput on a relatively regular basis. If your printer is not constantly in use, you should not be part of Instant Ink. The page pricing model requires a personal registration at www.hpinstantink.de. In addition, the HP Officejet 5740 must be connected to the network, as data on the print volume and ink consumption are sent to HP. The monthly amounts are debited either by credit card or direct debit.

It should also be remembered that the instant ink cartridges have a chip to ensure that they only work in the registered device. If you cancel the contract or reach the side account, the HP Officejet 5740 will start operation. Then you only have to go through the usual ink cartridges from the shop.

Balanced quality

If you decide to use the HP Officejet 5740, you’ll get balanced results in printing, scanning and copying. The slightly rough character edges hardly affect the readability. Colors brings the multifunctional device to paper harmoniously. Even with skin tones we can not detect any disturbing redness. Also the scanner digitizes the originals in good sharpness, but exaggerates something with reds. Copies lose a little bit of quality compared to the original, which is reflected by slightly restless color areas and backgrounds. The loss of quality, however, remains within the usual framework.

Comfortable operation

The HP Officejet 5740 does not work too fast for a multifunction device designed for the home office. All in all, he only achieves sufficient results – no matter in which discipline. It takes a long time for the pre-scan with 21 seconds. The time value corresponds to almost a full color scan – a phenomenon we have already seen in many HP multifunction devices.

Features – many features

The HP Officejet 5740 prints, scans, copies, and faxes. In addition to USB brings the combined printer an Ethernet port, WLAN, Wi-Fi Direct and NFC with. Thus he offers many possibilities to connect with him. There is also an SD memory card slot and a USB host port. The mobile printing it masters next to the direct connection via NFC via HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint. The operation facilitates a touchscreen, which has a slightly tough pressure point. A maximum of 125 sheets can fit into the tray. There is also an extra photo compartment for up to 15 photo papers. The HP Officejet 5740 automatically prints the front and back of a sheet with the built-in duplex unit. However, when scanning or copying in duplex mode, the multi-function device can not. The HP model has an automatic document feeder, which can hold up to 25 sheets.

Conclusion – a combi printer, which is limited for instant ink

The HP Officejet 5740 multifunction device is ideal for home or small home offices. However, even the moderate working speed is against too much demand for printing, scanning and copying. Anyone who decides on this combinatorial model can consider the Ink Inkjet service Instant Ink when it actually retrieves regular print volumes. It comes then because of the Combination cartridges more favorable than with the cartridges from the shop next door. However, in this case, there are also more suitable alternatives – among them the models HP Officejet Pro 6830 or HP Officejet Pro 8620. They are more expensive in the purchase, but more expensive in the maintenance.

The pilot phase is currently running in Germany with selected retail brands from Euronics, Media Markt / Saturn and Expert. The test phase should be completed in the late summer, then the ink is first rolled out over the mentioned chains. Whether or not further sales channels are to be added at a later date in the e-tail or in the independent stationary retail trade, HP is currently still covered.

More Ink MFPs for HP ink takeaway Instant Ink is currently offering: HP Envy 4500, HP Envy 5530 ( report ), HP Envy 5640, HP Envy 7640, HP Officejet 4630 ( report ), HP Officejet Pro 8610th


HP Officejet 5740

Quality (40%)


Speed ​​(20%)


Handling (15%)


Features (15%)


Service (10%)


Appreciation / depreciation

0.25 (Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Apps, HP ePrint, Apple Airprint)

test score

Good (2)

Price-performance ratio

very cheap


HP Officejet 5740 (Rating: 2.42)


USB, card slot, Ethernet, WIi-Fi 802.11n


Document feeder, 2nd paper tray, flat bed scanner, screen, duplex, borderless, direct printing


HP Photo Creations, HP Update, HP Help


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS

Faxing without PC possible




HP Officejet 5740 (Rating: 4,31)

Print (b / w): 1 page text, quality mode / 10 pages text, normal mode / graphics, normal mode / graphics, quality mode

1:06 / 1:03 / 0:30 / 1:43 minutes

Print (color): 10 pages PDF / A4 photo, normal mode / A4 photo, photo paper / randl. Photo (10 x 15 cm)

2:45 / 1:29 / 2:07 / 1:06 minutes

Scanning: color, text, preview, grayscale

0:23 / 0:11 / 0:21 / 0:12 minutes

Copy (b / w): 5 pages, 1 page

1:03 / 0:18 minutes

Copy (color): 1 page

0:33 Minutes


HP Officejet 5740

Power consumption: Off / Sleep mode / Operation

0.0 / 1.1 / 12.7 watts

Side cost: black and white / color

4.8 / 7.2 cents per page



HP Officejet 5740

Test category

Multifunction devices

Multifunction device manufacturer


Internet address of HP

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

129 euros

HP’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months


HP Officejet 5740

Printing technology / number of printing inks / number of cartridges

Inkjet / 4/2

Driver version: printer / scanner

6.1.7600.1385 /



HP Officejet 5740


Print (b / w): text, quality mode / text, normal mode / graphics, normal mode / graphics, quality mode

Very good / good / good / goodgut

Print (color): PDF, normal mode / A4 photo, normal mode / A4 photo, quality mode / randl. Photo (10 x 15 cm), high quality mode

Good / good / good / goodgut

Print: Color chart (hits)

11 of 24

Scan: Screen


Scanning – hits: colorless / too light / too dark


Scanning – Color Stitch: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow


Scanning: Total impression


Copy (b / w)


Copy (color)



Software: Printer / Scanner

good Good

Transport lock / manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

No / yes / yes / yes / no

Control panel / cartridge replacement / colors individually interchangeable / space requirement / processing / paper transport / max. Paper stock

Very simple / still simple / no / 2289 cm² / good / good / 125 sheets



12 months

Service-Hotline / German-speaking / available (hours) / continuous / accessible via e-mail

01805/652180 / yes / 9.5 / yes / yes

Website / English / Manual download / drivers and firmware / support programs

our site / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes