HP LaserJet Pro M252dw Test

The HP LaserJet Pro M252dw has JetIntelligence, a technique that makes color laser printers quieter and more economical. The test goes after that.

HP has revamped its color laser printer series. The revised technology is called JetIntelligence. It is intended to reduce the energy consumption of the devices and to enable a rapid pressure with a small space requirement. To this end, the manufacturer has given the printers new cartridges whose toners require lower melting temperatures. This reduces the overall energy demand of the devices, without affecting the quality and the output speed. As far as the theory. As the first representative with JetIntelligence, we are testing the HP LaserJet Pro M252dw.

Conclusion – color laser with modern touch

With the HP Laserjet Pro M252dw, the manufacturer has achieved a noticeable technical leap. The color laser printer is compact, produces good results on the paper, converts power with care and causes reasonable costs.The operation via the display is pleasant. At the same time, the color laser can be controlled flexibly. The Wi-Fi Direct connection is secured with a password, which makes the access at the first moment somewhat cumbersome. Overall, however, the approach fits into the office. Whether peer-to-peer or over the router – in the test, all mobile print versions have worked out. This is by no means self-evident. Here, the membership Mopria (makes Mobile Printing Alliance) positive impact. All in all a reliable color laser printer for the office or the home workplace, which is worth its price.

Speed – fast first page

 HP Color LaserJet Pro 200 M252dw color laser printer (A4, printer, ethernet, wifi, duplex, USB, view at Amazon

The promised fast output of a text page from the energy-saving mode confirms with the HP Laserjet Pro M252dw with 15 seconds. If we print the document from the operating mode, the printer comes to 14 seconds – a nearly identical value. 20 pages are finished after 1:18 minutes. This means that the HP model is within the manufacturer’s specification of 18 pages per minute, which also applies to the output in color. With full-color sheets leaves the tempo somewhat. With 52 seconds for an A4 photo, the printer remains in the upper mid-range. Also 1:10 minutes for twelve PDF pages correspond to a rather average result.

The output quality of the HP Laserjet Pro M252dw is little criticism: The printer produces fine letters with little toner fog, as our close-up shows a 4-point tiny detail only. If it is about grayscale and not about text, however, the coverage increases somewhat too strongly. In the color mode, the device provides harmonious prints that are also quite colorless. Especially on the colored background surfaces – for example in tables and graphics – the homogeneous representation pleases without disturbing stripes.

Equipment – full program for office and home workplace

The HP Laserjet Pro M252dw convinced in matters interfaces: built are USB and Ethernet as well as a wireless module and Wi-Fi Direct and NFC (Near Field Communication). For this purpose, the printer offers a USB host port, which can be used to load files loaded on sticks, such as PDFs, JPGs, DOCs, directly on the device. However, not all formats are supported. The device does not recognize PNG images, for example. Thanks to the built-in duplex unit, sheets can be automatically printed on both sides. A maximum of 150 sheets can be placed in the paper tray, the tray holds up to 100 sheets – which is not too generous. For the HP device is the mobile pressure on the amount of time: it dominates with Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint the current standards as well as its own solution HP ePrint or pressure from apps like HP AiO Remote. About the small application you have printer details such as the firmware version in the view and can also send documents from cloud services like Dropbox spend.


Handling – Touch operation

The HP LaserJet Pro M252dw is also equipped with a touch-screen, which allows apps to be used again when the device has an Internet connection. Among the small applications is a direct access to Google Drive or apps to travel guides and calendar or game templates such as Sudoku. The fact that the color laser printer can be accommodated on the desk is shown by the noise measurements: in operation it comes to 16.6 Sone – that is a medium value. However, the device switches to the idle mode shortly after exiting the print job and becomes almost silent with 0.1 Sone. This is unusual for laser devices and very pleasant in everyday life. The printer noise is limited to a minimum.

Consumption – energy saver

One of the advantages of the new printer generation is the careful handling of energy. In the test, the HP LaserJet Pro convinces in this regard: It switches to standby mode to 9.6 watts and lowers the consumption in quiescent mode to 1.8 watts. Switched off, it separates completely from the power supply. In addition, the consumption values ​​do not increase when WLAN is activated. The range includes starter toner for the colors blue, red and yellow with a range of 700 sheets each. Unlike the black toner, it has a running capacity of 1500 sheets, which corresponds to a standard toner cartridge. The XL variants of the toner come according to the manufacturer to 2800 black and 2300 colored pages. This is 3.6 cents for the black and 14.5 cents for the colored leaf – these are average side prices.


HP Laserjet Pro M252dw

test score

Good (2)

Price-performance ratio


Quality (30%)


Speed ​​(30%)


Consumption (15%)


Handling (10%)


Features (10%)


Service (5%)



0.20 (Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Apps, HP ePrint, Mopria)



HP LaserJet Pro M252dw (Rating: 1.83)


USB, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 802.11n WLAN, NFC


Screen (graphic)

Printer emulation: GDI / PCL 6 / PS 3

No / yes / yes (via Universal Print Driver)

Memory: available / maximum upgradeable

256/256 MB

Auto duplex printing



2 support programs

Drivers for

XP, Vista, 7, 8, Linux, Mac OS



HP Laserjet Pro M252dw (Rating: 3.44)

Print (b / w): 1 page text / 20 pages text / 12 pages PDF

14/78/69 seconds

Print (color): 12 pages PDF / 1 page graphic / A4-photo (quality mode)

70/17/52 seconds

1 page Print text from Energiesparmodus

15 seconds


HP LaserJet Pro M252dw (Rating: 3,37)

Side cost black / color

3.6 / 14.5 cents

Starter toner cartridges are enough for


1500 pages


700 pages

Price / Range of the Tonerkartuschen in the Nachkauf


101 euros / 2800 pages


334 euros / 2300 pages

Power consumption: off / energy saving mode / operation

0.0 / 1.8 / 375

Energy saving according to

Blue Angel, Energy Star





HP Laserjet Pro M252dw

Test category

color laser printers

Color laser printer manufacturer


Internet address of HP

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

249 euros

HP’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months


HP Laserjet Pro M252dw

Printing technology / number of toner cartridges

Laser / 4

driver version




USB, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 802.11n WLAN, NFC


Screen (graphic)

Printer emulation: GDI / PCL 6 / PS 3

No / yes / yes

Memory: available / maximum upgradeable

256/256 MB

Auto duplex printing



2 support programs

Drivers for

XP, Vista, 7, 8, Linux, Mac OS



HP Laserjet Pro M252dw


Print (b / w): Text (Normal mode) / Text (Quality mode) / A4 photo / Graphics quality mode

Good / good / good / satisfactorygut

Print (color): PDF (quality mode) / A4 photo (quality mode) / graphics (quality mode)

well well well

Color fidelity (maximum 15 hits)

12 results found

letter sharpness



Print settings


Operation Printer: Control panel / interchangeable toner cartridges / space requirement / processing / paper transport / max. Paper stock / paper tray

Very simple / easy / 2367 cm² / good / easy / 151 sheets (paper cassette) / 100 sheets

Operating noise: Idle / operation

0.1 / 17 Sone

Printable media: banners / labels / envelopes / paper / cardboard / film / photopaper

No / yes / yes / up to 163 g / m² / yes / yes / no

Borderless printing




Manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

Yes / yes / no / no



12 months

Service hotline / German / Weekend service / Accessibility / through / accessible by e-mail

01805/652180 / yes / yes / 10 hours / yes / yes

Website / english / Manual available / Drivers available / Hilfsprogramme available